Earlier today, Bose took the wraps off a revolutionary new wearable called Frames — premium sunglasses with embedded wireless headphones and an audio AR platform. It's the company's thinnest, most compact and lightweight Bose system ever built, and they're set to hit the market in just one month.

Bose Frames make for stellar sunglasses, as they block up to 99.9% of UVA/UVB rays, are lightweight, and are scratch and shatter resistant. Two models have been announced so far: the square, angled Alto glasses and the smaller, round Rondo style glasses. However, the real magic comes when they're powered on. Using Bluetooth, you can connect your phone wirelessly to the Frames and begin listening to music via the tiny acoustic package integrated into each arm of the sunglasses. The sound that comes out of these shades is unlike anything we've seen before. There are no earbuds to place into your ears with these either, and yet the music remains listenable by only you thanks to its construction.

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An extremely compact microphone is built into the Frames as well, along with a multi-function button, which allows you to take calls, talk to Siri or Google Assistant, or pause and skip songs. They're also Bose AR compatible, which is set to be released later next year and pushed to the sunglasses as a free update. Though the press release doesn't give too much information regarding this feature, it does mention that the glasses utilize your phone's location to "add a layer of audio" to your current activity and give you information about what you're looking at or facing. With an integrated Lithium battery, the Bose Frames are capable of lasting for around three and a half hours on average with a single charge of the battery, though they can last for up to 12 hours on standby.

If you can't wait to get your hands on the Bose Frames, they're now available to pre-order at Bose's website in either the Alto or Rondo styles for $199.99 each with the release date set for January 2019. You could even try on a pair for 30 days and send them back free-of-charge if they're not a good match for you. Select unknown retailers are also set to receive stock of the Bose Frames this coming January.

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