If you have been going through all of the Black Friday sales and are struggling to settle on what to actually buy, a gift card can sometimes be a great solution. It is especially the case here since Best Buy is offering a free $20 gift card when you buy an Apple gift card in the amount of $100. The deal applies to both physical and digital Apple gift cards.

$20 for you

Apple Gift Card

Apple Gift Card

The gift that keeps on giving.

If you buy a $100 Apple gift card at Best Buy right now, you'll get a $20 Best Buy gift card. Both gift cards can be used to purchase whatever you like at each retailer, with the usual exceptions.

Apple used to offer different gift cards for the Apple Store and the App Store, but finally brought everything together and now offers a recently changed unified gift card that is good for making purchases on anything Apple. The funds get added to your Apple ID and can be used to buy something at the Apple Store, purchase an app through the App Store, or even cover the cost of a subscription such as Apple Music, Apple Arcade, or Apple TV+.

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Though the Apple gift card isn't being discounted directly, the free $20 credit for Target is as good as cash if you shop there with any regularity, making this one of the best Apple Black Friday deals of the year for some.

You can choose to purchase the Apple gift card as a digital version, which might be good if you want to email it off to someone (or yourself). You can also buy the physical version if you want to mail it off as a gift. The $20 Best Buy gift card, however, will always be emailed to you as the digital version - your reward for being so nice to someone (or yourself).

This deal is part of Best Buy's Black Friday sale which has been kicking off for days now. Want to find out what other kinds of deals are going on with everything Apple? Check out our list of the Best Apple Black Friday deals.

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