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I still forget to charge my phone, even though it's sitting on the desk right next to my laptop and I know there's a charger within arm's reach. The problem is the Lightning cable is on the ground underneath my chair, and I'm either too pre-occupied to notice it's not plugged in or too lazy to reach down and grab it. The TedGem magnetic cable organizer exists to solve that very problem, and right now it's down to $6.99 on Amazon with code MXTUYSX5. This handy desktop cord management system normally sells for $10. This drop matches a deal we saw a week ago for the same price.

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Only Dark Gray is on sale this time, but Magnetic Black is at least down to $7.98.

The device is a multipurpose magnetic cable clip that comes with three cable buckles and two bases. Features include:

  • Newest magnetic creative design and stylish cable clips management solution for flexible flat and mini micro cable. No more messy cables on your desk and just to live a simple life with our practical magnetic cable clips.
  • It can be used at home (on the bedside table) in the office (at the edge of the desk) inside the car (on top of the center console).
  • Come with 2 different shape pedestals and 3 buttons in an elegant package. Magnetic buckle with 3 sizes of holes fits almost every iPhone or other smartphone's charging cables' diameter.
  • A superior way for cable management, strong magnet force keep the cables tidy and in place:; also easy to remove when use. Far more effective and convenient than using traditional cable clips. Bring convenience to your daily life.
  • Just peel and stick to fix on desks, tables, other furniture or in your car, and put the magnetic button on the pedestal. Bring more convenience to your daily life.

This pack of 100 Velcro ties could help you with all those cables, too, and it's only $10.27

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