The Monoprice heavy duty 13-port USB 3.0 hub with AC adapter is down to $50.79 through the Monoprice website. This hub is mostly only sold by Monoprice, but you can find it at other retailers going for $60 at Target, Walmart, and others. Monoprice is the only place with this discount, and it's one of the only sales we've ever seen. It also comes with free shipping.

Plug it all in

Monoprice heavy duty 13-port USB 3.0 hub with AC adapter

Built to be durable with heavy-duty aluminum. All the ports are USB 3.0 with super fast 5Gbps transfer speeds. It's plug-and-play so you don't need any software or drivers to use it. Includes a 12VDC, 5A power adapter and LED indicators on each port.

$50.79 $60.00 $9 off

Always fighting over power adapters and outlets? Got a whole bunch of people who all want to plug in their smartphones, tablets, charging pads, and other USB-powered devices? Maybe you work in a small office or somewhere like that with a lot of people gathered in a small area and need something like this. I can definitely throw out a list of items that could make use of the majority of this hub.

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The hub is heavy duty and made from aluminum so it's built to last even in an environment where it gets forgotten about and kicked around. Each port has USB 3.0 speeds, which means transfer speeds up to 5Gbps and super fast charging speeds for your phones and such with a dedicated 2.4A charging port. You'll also see LED indicators next to each port that let you know when the connection is active.

Monoprice built this hub to last a long time and probably "over built" it with that in mind. But they're so confident in its durability that it's covered with a lifetime warranty.

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