iOttie just released its new iON Wireless Fast Charging Stand. It is currently available from Amazon for $44.95, but as of press time, the stock is dwindling. You may still be able to purchase it by the time you read this, though, so definitely check it out if you're interested.

This device, unlike some charging pads and stands, looks as good as it performs. The base is built to stay balanced and features anti-slip material for extra stability. There are three fabric colors, available in Ash, Ivory, and Ruby, which are similar to the iOttie iON Wireless Mini Chargers. Currently only the Ash color is listed on Amazon but more should be available soon. The charging stand has two Qi coils so you can charge your phone in both portrait and landscape mode, which is a very nice touch.

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These would make a great gift for any tech junkie, or, you know, live your best life and Treat Yo Self. Having a wireless charging stand near your workspace or on your nightstand is a huge game-changer, and once you start using one, you won't ever go back. This will work with all Qi-enabled devices, too.

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