Star Wars Day is almost here! May the Fourth is coming up and Instant Pot wants to get a head start with some interesting Star Wars-themed deals. Right now you can get an Instant Pot Duo pressure cooker with either an R2-D2 theme or a Darth Vader theme on sale for $59.98. These custom designs are very limited and never go on sale. Today's deal is only the second time we have seen either one of these Instant Pots drop from their regular $100 street price, and this is the lowest they go. This is a great price for a fantastic pressure cooker, and the Star Wars theme is just a little bit extra if you happen to be a fan.

There are some other themes available, but they aren't on sale. You can get the BB-8 version for just $79.99, but that's also a 3-quart Instant Pot instead of a 6-quart pot.

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Instant Pot Star Wars Duo 6-quart pressure cooker R2-D2 or Darth Vader

Monitor your food with a microprocessor that gets it just right. Use the 14 smart programs to make soup, meat or stew, beans or chili, poultry, rice, porridge, yogurt, and more. Use it to sauté and simmer, steam, slow cook, or keep things warm.

$59.98 $100.00 $40 off

I am all for Star Wars-themed anything. Celebrate your fandom with one of these pressure cookers. Go for it. However, I also need to know that this is a good device, right? The Star Wars theme is fun, but it can also cook like a champion. It has a ton of special settings and is basically designed to replace up to 14 different appliances in your kitchen thanks to its smart programming. With the Duo, you can choose between programs that make soup, meat or stew, beans or chili, poutry, rice, porridge, multigrains, and yogurt. It can also saute or simmer, steam, slow cook, pressure cook, keep things warm, or be used manually.

The inner pot is designed with your health in mind. It is made with stainless steel, has no chemical coating, and even has a 3-ply bottom to help with an even heat distribution. When you close up the Instant Pot, you completely seel it off from the environment so you can trap flavors, nutrients, and aromas in your food.

You also don't have to worry about messing anything up with the Instant Pot. It has a 3rd-generation microprocessor that can monitor your pressure, temperature, and more. It adjusts the heating intensity and can keep time to ensure your food hits your desired results every time.

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