Could Costco, a place that normally sells things in bulk, be worthy of your Black Friday attention? Throughout the month of November, Costco will be running tons of deals, some better than others, and many of them you can take advantage of right from the comfort of your own home.

Deals worth checking out

$100 Google Play Gift Card - $82.99

We've only just recently really begun seeing discounted Google Play gift cards. In the past, the focus was always on iTunes cards, but it's great to see these start to get discounted. Normally, you can pick up a $50 card for $45 at Amazon, or the $100 card for $92.99 at Costco, so this extra $10 is just another $10 of free apps, games or movies!

Google Home 2-pack - $169.99

This is kinda a weird one, but when you break it down it is actually a pretty good deal. Normally, Google sells these for $129.99 a piece, and we've seen them hit as low as $100 in the past. With the added $50 savings that you get here, it drops the per unit price down to $85, which is $15 lower than we've seen. Of course, you'll have to want two Google Homes, but maybe you have two kids or want one in multiple rooms, and that doesn't bother you.

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Canon Rebel T6 2 Lens Bundle - $449.99

This is one of Canon's entry-level DSLR cameras, and this bundle gets you just about everything you need to get started. The camera offers solid specs, and the extra lens, memory card, and carrying case are things that you'll use just about everytime you touch the camera.

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Deals worth ignoring

Not all deals are created equal. There are a bunch of things that Costco advertises that may look good on the surface, but when you break it down they aren't really as good as you'd hope.

Some prime examples are the Xbox and PlayStation bundles. You can get these consoles for the same prices elsewhere, but places like Kohl's are offering added bonuses when you buy from them, making the deals better than just the price you are paying. Some of the laptop deals, including the Acer Chromebook 14, are not that great either. You can find similar offers on a regular day, and maybe even a few that are better.

There are also some deals on home goods and kitchen essentials, but unless its a brand that you really like, odds are it's not worth the hassle.

Store hours

Costco will not be open on Thanksgiving, November 23, and will open at 9 am on Black Friday. This isn't all that shocking given Costco's normal limited hours, but being that most of the good tech deals are available only on you may not even want to think about leaving the house to deal with the madness there. If you are dead set on saving some money on brownie mix, aluminum foil, and other household goodies, you'll need to head over to the closest location to get your fix.