Update: This offer has expired.

Crash Bandicoot was recently remastered and released for PS4 on June 30, and with just 2 days left of the month it became its best-selling game. The response to PS4's Crash has been fervent, and now you can find out for yourself why people have trouble putting it down as a free DLC is now available on the PSN store.

Stormy Ascent was created back in the day for the original release of Crash Bandicoot but was deemed too hard for the game so it was cut at the last minute. Vicarious Visions, the creators of the remastered Crash, decided to bring the level back for an official release finally.

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What's crazy is that the new version of Crash 1 is notably harder than it used to be. I'm currently stuck on a level called Slippery Climb which is supposedly the "sister level" to Stormy Ascent, and I'm not kidding when I say I want to just move on to Crash 2 at this point as I'd rather not continue infuriating myself over how precise you have to be to make each jump without dying. Apparently Stormy Ascent is four times longer than any other level in Crash 1 so... good luck!

This offer expires on August 19 so make sure to click "buy" while it's free even if you're not planning to play it yet.

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