There are tons of uses for smart plugs, but when you are trying to justify buying one, you may be drawing a blank. You can use them for much more than controlling a lamp that you don't want to get up to turn on or off. From scent warmers to air conditioners, curling irons and more, here are 10 fun ways to use a smart plug that you may not have considered before.

Air fresheners / Scent Warmers

Whether you're looking to cover a scent in your bathrooms or just keep your house smelling fresh, scent warmers are a great way to do it. With a smart plug, you can easily control when they turn on, how long they run, and more.

Since it's not safe to keep these on all the time, being able to view the status from anywhere is a key feature.

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Lights for pets

From heat lamps to water pumps, controlling your pet accessories has never been easier. The smart plug allows you to schedule when it turns on and off, or control it manually to extend or shorten the time as needed.


Wouldn't it be nice to have your current coffeemaker start brewing you a cup of coffee when you were ready to get out of bed? Not everyone wakes up at the same time daily, so having a schedule on the maker itself isn't helpful for everyone.

With the smart plug, you can set the machine up the night before to get it ready to run, and then simply turn the switch on when you are ready. You can then leave it on for as long as you want, and if you forget to turn it off, you can easily change it while on the go.

Children's Electronics

There's no reason to argue with your kids to have them turn off their TV or Xbox when you can simply switch it off from anywhere. Seeing your child spaz out because things are turning off when they didn't do it can be mildly entertaining.

It only takes a few times of switching it off on them before they realize and start playing by the rules. Once they understand you mean business about it, it's time to move it to the next gadget to keep them on the edge of their seats.

Automate lighting when on vacation

You don't want it known that you've left your house unattended for a week while you go enjoy a nice family vacation, right? Don't invite intruders in, and instead keep them guessing with some simple automation to turn different lights on and off at different times of the week. It will appear as though someone is home, even when no one is.

AC / Heaters

Your heating and air condition don't have to run all day long and waste electricity, but odds are you don't want to come home to a freezing cold or burning hot house either. Smart plugs allow you to monitor the usage of the appliances and control when they run and when they don't.

Hello perfect temperature arrivals, goodbye expensive electric bills.

Under cabinet lighting

This can go for under cabinet lights, light strips behind your TV or even behind your desk. Stop contorting your body in weird ways to control the power of the lights and just do it remotely.

Tools (Irons, Hairdryers)

From soldering irons to flat irons, sometimes the tools we need to do the task at hand require some preheating. It's easy to forget to do and quite annoying once you discover your mistake, but this is an easy way to avoid all the extra headaches.

Messing with friends

There's nothing wrong with a little good old-fashioned fun, and technology makes it even more fun. If your significant other decides to take over your home with some friends, why not spook them by turning off lights or other gadgets that are controlled by a smart plug.

This option takes a little more thought and setting up for maximum value, but hey, it can be worth it!

Holiday lights / decorations

Whether the outlet is a pain to reach or you simply can't be bothered to remember to turn on and off your outdoor (or indoor) holiday lights, here's a simple option. From your Christmas tree to your inflatable football decoration outside, let a smart plug help you have the best decorate house on the block all the time.

Your favorite?

Do you have a favorite unconventional smart plug use that isn't mentioned here? Be sure to drop a comment and let us know what it is!