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The CubeFit TerraMat standing desk anti-fatigue mat is down to $79.99 on Amazon. This standing desk mat has sold at $100 or higher since it began shipping earlier in 2017.

The TerraMat was a Kickstarter campaign that promised to be more than just a standing mat. It was a successful campaign, too, that raised more than $100,000. There's a video on the Kickstarter page that can tell you more about the mat but essentially not only does it reduce fatigue from standing, it also has different terrain (they call "massage mounds") to keep your feet energized.

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Features include:

  • The patent-pending TerraMat relieves the burden and pressure from standing all day so you can stand longer without fatigue or aching feet and legs. Its 3D features offer over 11 different possible stances so you'll never get bored!
  • This anti-fatigue standing desk mat is made with material that is thicker than competitors. It has features that help keep you moving as you stand and burn more calories.
  • Designed by a personal trainer and engineer, the foam-like 3D features of this standing desk mat encourage subconscious movement and stretching.
  • Most standing desk mats are flat, boring and way too thin. They belong in the kitchen...not at your stand-up desk. The TerraMat is thicker than most standard standing desk mats to provide durability and more comfort for your feet and legs.
  • The TerraMat slides out easily from under your desk using just one foot to position it.

On Amazon, 168 users gave it 4.5 stars.

Of course, no standing desk mat is complete without the standing desk. Try one of these desktop converters that sits on your desk and lets you adjust the height. You could also go bare bones and get this cardboard setup from Ergodriven, which looks silly but is actually quite practical and lets you try a standing desk without exhausting yourself or your bank account.

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