Update: This item is now available for $19.

Do you keep losing connection to your personal Wi-Fi network when you go to certain areas of your home? How about Wi-Fi speeds that slow down whenever an extra device gets connected to the network? If so, grab a D-Link Wi-Fi Dual Band Range Extender for just under $20 to solve those problems. This product generally sells for an average of $32 so it's now right at that sweet spot where it's worth trying out if you think it could help.

The D-Link Wi-Fi extender extends the range of your personal Wi-Fi network to allow your router to provide connectivity even in places like your basement or backyard. It also sends out a dual-band signal at speeds up to 750 Mbps even if you have a single-band router. Simply plug the device into your wall outlet and press the WPS button on both it and your router and the device will automatically configure itself. You can also set it up using the QRS Mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones, or via the included Setup Wizard for your PC.

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