Keep your phone safe while your eyes stay on the road ahead with this discounted pair of magnetic phone mounts.

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You get two mounts for this price, so you can put one in your main car and one in the secondary or give one to a friend if you only own one vehicle. The ultra-strong magnets keep your phone safe and securely in place, but you can easily remove it from the holder when you are ready to exit the car. It comes with two magnet options, a circular one for smaller phones and a rectangular one for larger devices.

Be sure to use the coupon code above to get this two-pack of popular mounts for a must-have price.

Keep your car tidy and your pet comfortable.

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This car seat cover is designed to give your pet a comfy place to lay while keeping your vehicle tidy. It has two pockets to store supplies like leashes, toys, and treats. It'll protect your backseat from accidents, scratches, dirt, dander, and all the other messes our furry friends can create. It secures simply with headrest loops and seat anchors.

Another must-have when traveling with your pet are these collapsible bowls, which make giving food and water on-the-go much easier.

If you're tired of your Check Engine light staring at you every time you start your car, it may be time to address the problem. This discounted gadget can help.

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It works with any gas-powered vehicle that was made after 1996 and sold in the U.S. and supports all the various OBD 2 protocols. With it, you can scan for both generic and manufacturer-specific codes to figure out what they mean. This won't work on diesel engines and is only compatible with Android smartphones, not iPhones. You can also connect it to a computer running Windows 7 or 8 to read the codes. Windows 10 is not supported.

If you're looking for one to work with your iPhone, or just want more options, be sure to check out these popular choices from Kobra that are also on sale right now with prices starting at just over $13.

Whether you want to know how your car is performing or wondering what that engine light means, this OBD-II reader is the perfect solution.

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This is the best price we've ever seen on Kobra's OBD-II car reader. The last deal we shared on it was about five months ago and that was a little over a dollar more expensive than the current deal above.

Kobra's car reader can connect to your phone via Wi-Fi and is compatible with iOS, Android, and sure, for the one or two of you still holding on, even Windows phones. Once connected, you can unlock all the information on your car's performance. It also supports several available apps, like DashCommand for iOS and Torque Pro for Android. Kobra also promises a one-year money-back guarantee if you aren't happy with it.

Kobra has a couple other readers on sale. This OBD-II scanner works via Bluetooth but only on Android and Windows phones. Get it for $8.42 from $12.95 with code 4SMI89DJ. It's a little more convenient if you are on one of those platforms.

If you don't need all the smartphone data collection and Bluetooth connections and just want a simple plug-and-play code reader, this Kobra scanner is down to $13.87 from $18.49 with code 6AYGQKGA.

You can also go for the Automatic Pro OBD-II car reader on sale for $109.99. This thing comes with 3G connectivity and tons of fantastic diagnostic tools that make it worth the upgrade.

Having a dash cam is totally worth the price if it ends up minimizing your risk of paying out in a lawsuit.

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Grabbing a dash cam for your car could save you so much money in the long run. It's also a fun tool for YouTubers and photographers to document their travels or crazy experiences on the road.

For a limited time, you can grab a 1080p dash cam with a 170-degree wide angle lens for only $48 with promo code 63GB2KE4. If you'd rather have a 4K dash cam instead, you can save $20 and pick Aukey's up for $70.19 with promo code N2F2BJ5M. It has a 157-degree lens which can cover six lanes of traffic.

Both of these dash cams will begin recording immediately when they sense a driving incident or crash. They can store up to 126GB of footage on a microSD card, so you may want to pick up one of those for $40 with this order as well. Aukey includes a two-year warranty with purchase of either of these cameras.

When the time comes, you'll be glad to have this.

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Apply the coupon listed above to get in on this item's lowest price ever. Aukey's jump starter can be used for cars, boats, motorcycles, and lawnmowers. It'll even charge your phone. It also has a flashlight to help light your path. For these reasons, an item like this is essential in your car. Keep it in your glovebox or trunk next to your first aid kid and you'll always be prepared. Hopefully you'll never have to use it, but you'll be glad to have it on hand.

This features 2 USB ports, 400 peak amps, and 12000mAh of backup charging power. Your purchase is backed by a 2-year guarantee.

If you're looking for a new charger for your car, Aukey's USB double car chargers are on sale with these coupon codes.

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Update: The main deal has expired, but others are available while supplies last! You can grab the 1-port Quick Charge 3.0 car charger for $5.50 with code AARTUA85. Alternatively, the 3-port car charger with USB-C port is down to $7.40 with promo code 6DULVOPL. There's also this QC 2.0 car charger for $3.99 with no code required.

Car chargers are great for those people on the go and having a double outlet helps when you're traveling with others. The Aukey metal double USB charger and the Aukey double USB charger are great options, and you can save some cash on them right now. Use AV3WXTCS to get the metal charger for $6. Make sure to use OLHNFVBG to get the regular charger for $4.50.

If your car radio is stuck in the past, here's an inexpensive way to drive it into the present.

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With the coupon code, you can grab this product at a $5 discount off its average price. It lets you connect to your car radio via Bluetooth, but it also has AUX and microSD support too. It features a built-in microphone for hands-free calls while you're driving, plus a 1.44-inch LED display to show the name of songs, caller ID, FM channel, volume level and more.

It plugs into your car via the cigarette lighter socket, but it also features a USB port so you can use it as a car charger too.

Treat your car to some fine auto essentials at Advance Auto Parts.

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Advance Auto Parts is offering an additional 30% off your order when you enter promo code HCD7BX at checkout. This code can take a maximum of $100 off your order so make sure to enter it in before completing your purchase. The last time we shared this deal, it only took off a maximum of $50.

The code does not seem to have any restrictions, so you can use it on batteries, oil, brakes and more.

Advance Auto Parts offers free in-store pickup along with standard shipping which is priced based on destination and weight, though orders above $25 qualify for free shipping.

This dashcam will see everything, even at night, all in 1080p full HD.

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Don't be caught wishing you had one. This dashcam has a super wide-angle lens that captures the entire road, and it has a ton of technology packed into its night vision as well. It's easy to manage your video using the built-in Wi-Fi along with the Roav DashCam app. It will even record when you're away. The built-in gravity sensor detects sudden movements, like someone bumping into your car, and will automatically turn on to record activity.

You'll get the camera, a car charger, a suction mount, a cable, a trim removal tool, and a manual. You may want to pick up an extra microSD card if you don't have one lying around.