Ever dream of being a paleontologist when you were a kid? I did. I mean, not necessarily a paleontologist because I didn't know that word and I can barely spell it now. But I always loved dinosaurs, and the idea that we could discover things buried for millions of years was fascinating to me. If that's an interest of yours, combine another childhood interest with it and get this Lego Ideas 910-piece building kit featuring three dinosaur fossils while it's down to a low price of $47.73 at Amazon. That's more than $12 off its regular price, and this is its first time ever dropping this low. Even during last year's Black Friday sale it didn't go lower than $52. The same kit is still going for $60 at other retailers like Target.

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I dig it

Lego Ideas 910-piece dinosaur fossils building kit

Comes with three models featuring a posable T. Rex, triceratops, and pteranodon skeleton. Built to a 1:32 scale with the T. Rex being the biggest. Comes with a paleontologist minifig and sapiens skeleton figure. Designed for ages 16 and up.

$47.73 $60.00 $12 off

Time to put on your fedora and tan jacket with all the pockets because you're digging for dinosaurs now! Of course, this is more like recreating a museum piece as these models are meant to be mounted and displayed. But whose to say you can't start by burying them first? They're your Lego pieces, do it the way you want.

This set comes with three models. You'll get a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Triceratops, and a Pteranodon. The models are meant to be 1:32 scale so they're quite realistic for their size. The T. Rex is over seven inches tall and the largest of the three. Each is completely buildable and come with display stands.

You'll also get a little Lego paleontologist minifig that can help you assemble your museum pieces and a sapiens skeleton on a stand to complete the set.

All of these pieces are compatible with all other Lego pieces as is tradition. If you really want to make these fossils stand out, grab this lighting kit that's compatible with the set and makes the fossils glow.

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