Update: This offer has expired.

This Dremel DigiLab 3D Printer is down to $499 on Amazon. The Dremel's street price is around $800, and it has stuck to that price for the last few months. This deal is the lowest ever for the 3D printer and even beats out an Amazon Gold Box deal in June that saw it drop to $600.

Lots of companies have been working to get 3D Printers down to more affordable prices for hobbyists, but $800 is still out of reach for most people. Even at $500, this deal is a chunk of change, but it's definitely more affordable. Features include:

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  • The most reliable consumer-grade 3D printer allows printing for countless hours
  • Pre-installed extruder enables quickest time to 1st print and seamless out-of-box experience
  • Full-color LCD touch screen to easily modify settings and navigate through print files
  • Accompanied by Dremel's world-class customer support with the industry's best 1-year warranty

The Dremel 3D20 only uses PLA filament for printing, a thermoplastic made from renewable resources. The other option is ABS and it's important to know this printer doesn't use it since these two filaments are what 3D printers use to print. If you need more PLA filaments of all different colors, Dremel has a large selection.

And if you want some inspiration, check out sites like Thingiverse where people put their 3D printed masterpieces on display, like a robot that solves Rubik's Cubes.

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