Today eBay launched a brand new section called "Under $10." You'll find millions of products for $10 or less in this area, including sub-sections like "Novelty Socks $5 and Under" and the not-quite-relevant "Fidget Spinners $5 and Under." There is no bidding and no buying used. Everything featured is new, comes with free shipping, and is immediately available for purchase.

Think about all the stuff out there that's regularly under $10. You'll be able to buy charging cables, portable Bluetooth speakers, video games, and, you know, fidget spinners. You could also shop for practical things like new socks, school supplies, or a watch. You'll be buying from some of the best-rated sellers on eBay, and you won't be sitting around waiting for auctions to come to an end.

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This section directly competes with Amazon's own "$10 and Under" section, which was just launched at the beginning of the year. It features similarly inexpensive deals from a wide range of categories, including electronics, jewelry, clothing, and more.

Whether you're looking for something specific and hoping to find a great price or just have Alexander Hamilton's face burning a hole in your pocket, you should check out these budget shopping sections and take advantage of the prices. The content will be changing constantly, too, so you'll want to bookmark your favorite sections and come back later.

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