It's tough to find a smart home product that doesn't connect to, or run, Google Assistant. No matter what size your room is, how much counter space you have in the kitchen, or what you need to control, Google Assistant is there. It's also an amazing platform for media, whether you want music, streaming video or an integrated TV experience. These are the absolute best Black Friday deals for getting started with, or expanding, your Google Assistant life.

Assistant with a screen: Google Home Hub

The Home Hub is a perfect upgrade for anyone who's fallen in love with their Google Home or Home Mini but wants the added benefit of a screen. Not only can it give you visual responses and watch YouTube videos, but the Home Hub is also one of the best digital picture frames you can buy.

$100 (33% off) at Best Buy

Bigger screen, plus video calls: Lenovo Smart Display (8-inch)

Lenovo's Smart Display matches the Home Hub for capabilities, but has a few benefits. It has a larger 8-inch display, can be used either landscape or portrait, and has a camera for two-way video calling. You'll have to think about whether you have the extra table space, but this could be a better buy if you do.

$100 (50% off) at Best Buy

A decent speaker for Assistant queries and music: Google Home

This is the smart speaker that started it all — and if you don't need a screen, it's a perfect home companion. Whether you buy just one to keep in the kitchen, or get a few to link up multi-room audio for your music, the Google Home is a great all-around smart speaker that's even better at this discount.

$80 (38% off) at Best Buy

Put these all over the house: Google Home Mini

Not every room deserves a full-fledged Home Hub or Google Home speaker, but the Home Mini is perfect for these secondary rooms to get the basics done. This little speaker handles all of the same functions as a full Google Home, with a passable speaker that's good enough for smaller spaces — it also has flexible mounting options.

$25 (50% off) at Best Buy

Keep an eye on things: Nest Cam Indoor security camera

Keep an eye on specific rooms or point it out the window to see what's happening outside from a distance. Nest Cam Indoor will alert you to movement, or you can just check in at any time from your smartphone.

$129 (35% off) at Newegg

Assistant without taking out your phone: Bose QuietComfort 35 II wireless headphones

Bose sets the standard for over-ear noise-cancelling headphones that work really well with any phone or computer. But the latest version is also ready to work with Google Assistant for hands-free queries via your phone without taking it out of your pocket. Bose headphones rarely go on sale, so now's the time to get a pair.

$299 (14% off) at Newegg

For when you're all-in on Google: Google Pixelbook (Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage)

Assistant fans that are all-in on the Google ecosystem may already be considering a Chromebook ... and the Pixelbook is the pinnacle of what's on off right now. The base model has good enough specs for most people, and its lowest-ever price; but you can bump to 256GB of storage for $900, or 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage for $1349 if you're really ambitious.

$700 (30% off) at Best Buy

A perfect companion to any Assistant home: Google Chromecast Ultra

The Chromecast Ultra is a perfect partner for a Google Home. They link up on the same network so you can ask your Home to play video on your TV, or fire up your home theater system for better-sounding music. It also does 4K HDR streaming directly with all of your favorite video services.

$50 (28% off) at Best Buy

Casted visuals for even less: Google Chromecast (2018)

The refreshed Chromecast for 2018 is still 1080p, but is a bit more powerful and makes a great companion for smaller or secondary TVs that don't need the full Chromecast Ultra treatment. Black Friday has an even deeper discount if you buy two, saving you another $5.

$25 (28% off) at Best Buy

Android TV and Google Assistant never looked so good: Sony 65-inch 4K HDR LED X900F TV

This isn't really a purchase you make on a whim, but Sony makes some of the best 4K HDR TVs out there and you rarely see such deep discounts. Sony's also one of the few manufacturers that just ships Android TV (with Google Assistant and Cast built in!) on its sets, which is miles ahead of most other "smart" TV operating systems.

$1600 (20% off) at Best Buy

Google Assistant comes in many shapes and price points, giving you an incredible number of options for your whole home. The best way to get started is with a discounted Google Home Hub for the home's main interaction. For places where you want to focus on size but keep audio quality, a regular Google Home is perfect, and all of your 4K TVs deserve to have a Chromecast Ultra for streaming simplicity.

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