Update: This offer has expired.

The Sensi Smart Thermostat is down to $95.99 at Amazon right now. It hasn't dropped below $97 in 2017 and it spends most of its time hovering around the $130 mark.

Emerson's Sensi is fairly plain design-wise. It probably doesn't look too different from the thermostat you already have in your home. What it lacks in aesthetics it makes up for in functionality and is a definite improvement over basic thermostats. With the accompanying smartphone app, you can use the Sensi to view and set the temperature and switch among the sort of features a thermostat should have like Heat and Cool.

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You can also create schedules for each day or even custom events like an upcoming vacation. You'll also get email alerts about maintenance and usage. It's not the smartest of thermostats, though. You won't have learning capabilities like automatically adjusting the temperature when you leave your home like other systems. But then you're paying a lot less for this thermostat, too.

You should check with your utility company to see if they have discounts on upgrading to a smart thermostat. Some companies will you give you money back just for making the switch!

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