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Halloween is a ton of fun, but it can be difficult to participate in dressing up without breaking the bank. We've gathered up fifty thrifty Halloween costumes, for kids to grown-ups to couples to pets. We've included Amazon links for your convenience, but you may be able to find certain components at local thrift stores or dollar stores. You probably even have some of these items lying around your house! All of the costumes included in this article will cost $40 or less. Some of them are less than $10!

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Read on: Fifty Thrifty Halloween Costumes

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Costumes for Kids


  • This is one of the easiest and most adorable costumes for kids. Take some orange lipstick and create a nose and flushed cheeks. Add some long lashes and stitches using black eyeliner and the makeup is done. When my mom dressed up my siblings as scarecrows, she braided my sisters' hair with some straw in it for added effect. A basic costume includes a long-sleeved flannel, some overalls, and mismatched socks. This costume is cute, easy, and will keep your kiddos warm while trick-or-treating.

Bubble Gum Machine

  • This costume requires a little effort and some hot glue, but it's cute and super creative. Take a white shirt and glue pom poms on it. Add red bottoms, like a skirt or pants, and a 25 cent sign. Bam: the cutest gumball machine the world has ever seen.


  • Step one: Yellow hat. Step two: Minion goggles. Step three: yellow shirt. Step four: overalls. Step five: black gloves. Easy-peasy! Now you just have to deal with Minion-speak all night...but you probably do that anyways, right?

Little Old Person

Crazy Cat Person

  • This easy costume is close to my heart because it is my destiny. First, you'll need a bathrobe. Next, you'll need a lot of small stuffed kitties -- 5-10 works best. You probably have some floating around the house, but you can find them on Amazon also. Attach the kitties to the robe using whatever means you'd like: safety pins, hot glue, Velcro, tape...any will do the trick. You can also tuck the kitties into pockets and collars. Add some zany leggings and colorful shoes. The final touch is crazy hair and some obnoxious cat-eye glasses. This costume is bound to get a ton of laughs!


  • The best part of this costume is that you probably already have most of the components lying around. Your child can wear whatever clothes he likes. Top them off with a smock that has been splattered with paint, as well as a cute beret. The only other things he needs are a paint brush and a palette! Cut a palette shape out of cardboard and add some paint splotches. Time for Monet to go trick-or-treating!


  • This is another costume that is extra adorable on babies. It may work better in warmer climates, but if you live where it gets chilly on Halloween you can modify this costume accordingly. Take a yellow tutu dress. You can also use an oversized yellow t-shirt and draw on spikes with permanent marker. Add a yellow headband. Roll up some green construction paper and create a spiky topper, and then attach it to the headband with hot glue or tape. This is cute and beyond easy! If a pineapple isn't your favorite fruit, get creative with another -- maybe a strawberry or grape?


  • These costumes are tried-and-true classics. All you need is a pair of animal ears. Once you have your ears, take eyeliner and create the right nose, whiskers, and any other facial features required. You can go all-out and add a tail as well!

One-piece Costume

  • If you live up North, you know that one of the biggest Halloween struggles is finding a costume that is cute while also keeping the kids warm. I've lived through some freezing Halloweens and my mom always made me wear pajamas under my costume. One-piece footie costumes take care of that issue easily!


  • This costume requires minimal assembly and the payoff is massive. Not only is it unique, but the lights will help you keep track of your little one during all of the trick-or-treating fun. You'll need a clear bubble umbrella, some ribbons in various widths/textures, some string lights, and hot glue. Glue the ribbons in long tendrils from the bubble umbrella. Attach the string light battery packs to the umbrella as well -- towards the back is ideal so they won't be in your child's face. Have your kiddo wear all black or white, and turn on the string lights. This costume is rad and you can save the umbrella for future Halloweens -- or just an epic rainy day.
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Costumes for Women

Identity Theft

  • Okay, so it's a little quirky, but it'll strike up conversation and it's bound to get some laughs. All you need is a pack of name stickers and some creativity. Write down several different names, slap the stickers all over yourself, and you're good to go.

Comic Book Character

  • This is a really popular costume, because it's so easy. All it takes is makeup, a lot of which you probably have on hand, and a bit of practice. If you need to pick up some face paint, this face paint palette is recomended by Amazon. Check YouTube for great tutorials. We also have some inspiration on our Pinterest board! For added pizazz, match your outfit to your face. An easy superhero costume consists of a cape, bright leggings, a cartoonish wig, and a mask.


  • I take offense to this because I was a member of the Geek Squad before Best Buy made it a thing. This is still a super easy costume and you can get as creative with it as you want. You could go the typical route with a skirt and knee socks, or grab some high-waisted pants and a button-up shirt. The only essentials are a pair of suspenders, glasses, and some books. Bonus points if you go to your local thrift store and grab the nerdiest khakis you can find.

Rosie the Riveter

  • If Beyonce can pull this costume off, then so can you. Pick up a denim shirt and a red bandana. If you're feeling it, add some killer red lipstick. Now all you have to do is flex. Get it, girl.

Eleven from Stranger Things

  • I wore this DIY costume last year and all it took was a few clicks on Amazon. The basics are knee-high socks, preferably with the green and yellow stripes. You will also need a pink dress and blue jacket. If your pink dress doesn't have a collar, you can pick one of those up as well. Put on a blonde wig -- and remember that it doesn't have to look realistic, since Eleven's certainly didn't. Top it all off with a calculator watch and some theater blood for a nosebleed, and you'll be on-trend and under-budget. For bonus points, carry around a package of waffles.

Mary Poppins

Red Riding Hood

Hogwarts Student

Pink Lady

  • Yes, like the ones from Grease, the renowned cinematic masterpiece. All you need for this is a pink varsity jacket. Add some black pants, black shoes, black sunglasses, and bam. Bonus points if you 70's up your hair! Thanks to the magic of Amazon, you can pick up all of these pieces in one fell swoop with the Pink Ladies Costume.

Snow White

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Costumes for Men


  • Break out your tackiest Hawaiian shirt, a lei, a straw hat, and a camera to make yourself into the best-worst costume ever. Bonus points if you wear socks with sandals. You could also pack a rolling suitcase full of beer and be the coolest guy at the party.

Smarty Pants

  • Take a white button down. Add a bow tie. Don some nerdy glasses. The final piece of this costume will only take a few minutes to assemble. Find a pair of pants you don't mind wrecking. Use hot glue to attach Smarties all over them. Get it? Of course you do, smarty pants.

Skull Makeup

  • All this takes is white & black face paint and a bit of practice. Here is a really easy and handy skull makeup tutorial. Wear whatever makes you feel hardcore and you're good to go.

Bob Ross

  • Pick up an afro wig. Next you'll need a paint palette, which you could easily make with some cardboard and a few acrylic paints. Now all you need is a pair of jeans and a chambray shirt. For added flair, carry around a paintbrush.


  • Pick up a purple suit jacket and a green vest and you basically have this costume covered. You can also add green hair, or carry around a few joker cards in your front pocket. One of the most affordable options for this costume is this set from Target.

Charlie Brown

Where's Waldo

The Dude from Big Lebowski

  • If there's a comfier and easier Halloween costume, I don't know what it is. You'll need an oversized bathrobe, a white shirt, and black shorts. Add some house shoes. Don't wash your hair for three days beforehand either! And of course, make sure you're walking around with a White Russian in hand all night.


  • If you can grow a beard, you can wear this costume. I suppose you could fake a beard and wear it, too. Pick up a plaid shirt and a fake axe, and wear your grubbiest work boots. If it will be chilly out, add a knitted cap that coordinates with your shirt.


  • This costume is not for the faint of heart. All you'll need is some ripped-up clothing. Splatter it with fake blood. Add false wounds, which you can get on Amazon or in your local Halloween aisle. Practice your zombie walk.
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Costumes for Couples or Best Friends

Regina and Cady

Angel & Devil

Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega

  • This is not a costume for the faint of heart, but it will likely win you a contest or two. Mia will need short black hair, a white button down, and the iconic nosebleed. Vincent just needs a costume suit and some greaser hair. A black jacket and black tie would be perfect as well. Now your costumes are done -- we can't help you with your dancing skills.

Cop & Robber

  • The most affordable options for the police officer are pre-made costumes like this one. You may also be able to find affordable props, like a badge and cuffs, at a local store and just use them along with a white shirt and jeans. The robber will wear a striped black-and-white shirt and a black mask or hat. They could also carry a gunny sack (or pillowcase) marked with a dollar sign for added flair.

Minnie & Mickey

Firefighter & Dalmatian

  • This is another underrated costume. The most affordable way to dress up as a firefighter is with an accessory set like this one. The same goes for a Dalmation accessory set. The best part is you have everything else you need already in your closet!

Mario & Peach

Lois Lane & SuperMan

Tooth Fairy & Dentist

Alien & Astronaut

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Costumes for Pets

Beanie Baby

  • To turn Fido into the biggest craze of the 90's, all you need is some felt, glue, and a little bit of time. Use a printable TY tag, make it sturdy with felt, and attach it to their collar. You'll have your very own living Beanie Baby.


  • This is the best $9 you'll ever spend. Look at how cute these little costumes are! Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of the world's most adorable first mate.


  • This costume is around $10 and has great reviews. Arrrrrrgh you kidding me? For $9.99 you'll have yourself a cute little Jack Sparrow. The hook hand is too much, honestly.


  • This $4.99 unicorn costume will make your feline friend even more magical. It has a rainbow mane, a sparkling horn, and straps to make sure it fits securely....even though you know they'll find a way to take it off.

Lion Mane

  • Lion manes are cute on lions, but they are even cuter on cats and dogs. Both of those items are #1 best sellers in their respective categories, so you know your animal pal will be applauded for their popular fashion choices.


  • Bonus points if this pupper's owner dresses as a coordinating costume. For $9.99, this dog lumberjack costume will get you a beard, a beanie, and the burliest dog outfit in existence.


  • I mean, come on. Have you ever seen anything cuter than a cat dressed as a goldfish? This costume costs less than a cup of coffee, and even if Whiskers doesn't like it, the fish would probably make a great cat toy.


  • For one, you get to make pup-peroni jokes all night. For two, this costume is just $12.99. For three, the only thing better than pizza is a cute dog.

Wicked Witch

  • I love cats, but it is no secret that they can be jerks. This wicked witch costume will highlight your furry friend's mischevious side, for only $4.99. It even has little holes for the ears. I'm not crying, you're crying.


  • This puffy piggy costume will run you $12.99, but the cost of that is small compared to the priceless memories you will create. It's a pig costume. On a dog. I don't think I can explain this to you any differently. There is a curly tail. There are floppy ears. I cannot emphasize enough how extremely adorable this outfit is. If you buy it, please send photos. Honestly, if you buy any of these, please send photos.
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Thrifter Halloween Contest

And there you have it! Fifty of the thriftiest Halloween costumes. Have a blast trick-or-treating, and make sure you enter Thrifter's Halloween contest for your chance to win $100!

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