The Deerc De22 FPV Wi-Fi GPS drone with 2K camera has dropped to $159.99 as part of Newegg's Shell Shocker deals. These are daily deals on Newegg that only last as long as the limited supply or limited time do. The Deerc De22 drone is $40 off its regular price, and you can still find it going for that $200 street price at other retailers like Walmart.

The De22 quadcopter has a Full HD wide-angle camera built into it. You can use this camera to take pictures and record video, and the video can reach a resolution up to 2592 x 1520p. Rotate the camera up to 90 degrees to capture every angle and never miss a shot. The drone's remote control uses a 2.4GHz transmitter to keep you in control, and it can stream a live feed to your phone via a 5GHz Wi-Fi band. The live feed gives you the first-person view you need to control the drone through its own eyes.

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The drone is smart enough that when it gets low on power or starts losing signal because it's flying too far, it will automatically return to the place it took off from. This helps prevent a lot of accidental losses.

The foldable design lets you easily transport the drone and store it when your done. The arms all fold up inside of it so it's nice and simple to use. The brushless motor flies super quiet and has great power efficiency so you can fly up to 25 minutes on a single battery. It also has a flight distance of 1200m, so you can gain quite a bit of distance.

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