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What you need to know

  • The data usage limit on hide.me's free plan has increased.
  • It's gone from 2GB to 10GB and resets monthly.
  • Other limitations remain the same.

With VPN usage skyrocketing as more and more people begin working from home, hide.me has announced the data transfer limit for its free VPN plan has been raised from 2GB to 10GB. The five-fold increase is live now and is a permanent change.

Some of the best free VPNs on the market still get dinged based on slower speeds and tiny data caps, so this is definitely a positive change. You also don't need to place a credit card on file to use hide.me's free plan, which is great.

Interestingly, hide.me actually offers you unlimited data on its free plan once you surpass the 10GB limit, though there is one caveat. After exhausting the 10GB limit, you'll no longer be able to choose a server location and instead be connected to a random server. It's a small tradeoff but might scupper your plans to use a server in a certain country that allows you to see local content, for example (though there are only 5 server locations to choose from on the free plan anyway).

As well as the limited server locations, free users can also only use hide.me on one device at a time versus ten simultaneous connections for a paid user. These limitations remain in place, which might convince you to spend a few bucks a month to upgrade to a paid plan.

Either way, the company promises it does not keep logs of its users, nor does it show ads. It's a great way to get started with a VPN to see if it's the right fit for you.

No logs VPN

hide.me Premium VPN

Strong encryption, reliable performance.

hide.me's free VPN service offers 10GB of data usage per month which is more generous than many others and you don't need to register a payment method to try it out making it a great starter VPN. Server and device limitations might still convince you to opt for a paid plan, however.

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