Additional Details

Additional Details

GameStop's Black Friday deals are basically more of the same. The buy two get one free pre-owned games is a great staple, but the other deals are pretty lackluster. No deals on the Nintendo Switch, although some games and accessories will be discounted. The $20 Funko Mystery Box is back as well, and if you're a collector you may find that interesting; it includes three GameStop exclusive mystery vinyl figures, including one of five 8-bit Pop! vinyls. Some deals are flat-out bad; $10 Funko Pops! when they sell for lower than that on any given day? An Xbox 360 free after rebate? We were hoping for a little bit more from GameStop this year.

VPN Deals: Lifetime license for $16, monthly plans at $1 & more

Note that the last page of the ad calls out GameStop's PowerPass program, which it just halted a few days ago. For this reason we believe there may be a newer version of this ad scan coming out before Black Friday arrives.

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