Get the Suze Orman Online Personal Finance Course for free. Just go to the site, click the "Activate Your Gift Code" link in the top right corner, fill out the information, and use the code EMERGE. This is normally a $54 course, but it has been offered for free several times before usually with a coupon code and often through partnerships like with The Today Show or the U.S. military.

The course is good for seven different financial lessons on things like retirement, financial planning, dealing with debt, etc.

If you don't know who Suze Orman is, she's famous enough to have her own Wikipedia page so go read that. She's got thirty years of experience with financial matters, has published several books on finance, and has even had her own network television show. Her SuzeU finance course has been around for many years, too.

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The biggest complaint against these courses is that Suze Orman doesn't know your personal situation. That should seem obvious because she's not a telepath that I am aware of, but you should still keep in mind that not all of her advice is going to solve all of your financial problems. It's still definitely worth it if you need to learn a little more about personal finances.

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