The Monoprice Voxel 3D Printer is down to $255.99 through the Monoprice website as an open box product. Open box doesn't quite mean refurbished. What it means is someone bought it, opened it, didn't want it, and returned it. These are predonimantly unused items, but Monoprice warns they might be missing some accessories like cables or manuals. You can get those things sent to you separately or just return it yourself if they're missing because Monoprice covers it with a 30-day money back guarantee. The open-box version of this 3D printer normally sells for around $320, and the new version is $450 when in stock.

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Monoprice MP Voxel 3D Printer open-box

Open box means it might be missing a few accessories but is otherwise fine. Monoprice has 30-day money-back guarantee, too, so not a big deal. Easy to use, beginner-friendly 3D printer with touchscreen, simple menu, and assisted leveling system.

$255.99 $320.00 $64 off

The Voxel 3D is already a 3D printer you aren't looking to spend a whole lot of money on anyway. It's a beginner device, designed to be inexpensive and super easy to use. Get this if you aren't deep into a 3D printing hobby yet but you are curious to learn. For example, where other 3D printers might require tools and half an hour of work to replace a nozzle, the Voxel uses quick change nozzles that elt you change them out in seconds.

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You'll also get a removable build plate that's super flexible and makes removing a model very easy. All you do is flex it to dislodge the model. Plus, the plate can be easily replaced if it gets damaged. In fact, you should keep an extra build plate around because even if you don't need to replace the first one due to to damage you can just hot swap the plates if you want to print multiple models at once. These plates can also handle being heated up to 60 degrees Celsius.

There are a few other helpful features for casual 3D printing hobbyists out there. For example, Assisted bed leveling means all you have to do is tap the touchscreen interface to set up the print bed super easily. The auto filament feed is much the same way. The printer's built-in sensors will even recognize low filament elvels and pause the print to let you know.

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