THe Sennheiser HD 2.30i on-ear headphones are down to $34.95 as part of Newegg's Shell Shocker sales going on through the rest of the day. These headphones sell for $60 or more whereever they are available and for as much as $85 from third parties on Amazon. The Shell Shocker deal includes free shipping although it is a bit slower than usual these days.

The i in HD 2.30i represents the iPhone, i.e. these work best with Apple's mobile devices. The Android version of the headphones are also on sale, however. Grab the HD 2.30G for the same price in white if you want.

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Sennheiser HD 2.30i on-ear headphones

Discontinued and replaced by the HD 400S, these headphones are compact, lightweight, and designed for portable devices. The i in 2.30i represents the iPhone. G for Android. Has a detachable cable, 3-button inline remote, and mic for taking calls.

$34.95 $60.00 $25 off

The HD 2.30 headphones have been discontinued. That helps explain why Newegg is selling them for dirt cheap. They were replaced by the HD 400S headphones, but those headphones go for around $70 at retailers like B&H.

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Every pair of Sennheiser headphones have Sennheiser's sound, and that makes these headphones available for less than $35 a really unique way to get ahold of some excellent audio. You'll get balanced, lifelike sound that's super clear and powerful. The headphones also have a powerful bass response so you can feel the music. And they are still as comfortable as possible on top of it all.

The HD 2.30 are compact and extremely lightweight. They are designed for portability and can fold up and fit wherever you need them to while traveling. They even have a detachable single-sided cable so you can pack them up even further.

Use the 3-button inline remote with a microphone built in to control your music, take phone calls, and basically maintain complete control over whatever you're listening to. The remote is why you pay attention to whether the headphones are built for iPhone or Android as it will be specific to that platform based on the choice you get.

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