Update: It looks like Amazon did indeed price match, making it the best place to buy a Google Wifi kit for most people.

Google Wifi deals are always extremely popular, and the system itself is something that people are interested in, even when it isn't on sale. Since the initial release, these have sold for pretty close to the $300 MSRP, with an occasional price drop down to $280, and once even as low as $240 during a flash sale. While we'd love to see them dive even lower during a Black Friday sale, all of the early indications show that we will not be seeing that this year.

We've analyzed all the big ads that have dropped so far, and we've only seen one deal. Currently, Google sells the 3-pack for $289 and Amazon has it for $279.99. Best Buy is matching Amazon's current price, but come Black Friday, you'll be able to pick this system up for $249.99. That's an extra $30 off what you can buy it for today and only $10 above a historic low.

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If recent times are any indication, odds are Amazon will match this price, but supply will be the big question. Amazon has been matching other Best Buy sales, but items are selling out quickly.

Now, this isn't really all that surprising given the positive reception of the hardware since its release. Google has been great about keeping it updated and adding new features, and honestly the company doesn't really offer huge discounts on its products regularly. We know what you are thinking, and yes the Google Home Mini is going to be available for $29 at several retailers, but that's a different beast.

In the mesh Wi-Fi space, Google does a great job at competing, and honestly, its product is competitively priced already. We will continue scanning the ads and looking out for any better deals that may pop up, but as of right now if you are looking to save on the 3-pack, Best Buy is your basically your only option.

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