Update: This offer has expired.

Use code Y4WVEHL5 to knock the price of the Gooloo Bluetooth transmitter and receiver down to $20 on Amazon. It is currently $40 and has been sitting at that price since April, so the code gets you 50% off. This is a match for what this device hit during Prime Day.

This thing works as both a transmitter and a receiver. As a transmitter you can use it to push audio from a TV or something similar to your Bluetooth headphones. As a receiver, it can take audio you're streaming from your phone for a home audio system.

If you aren't sure how you might use it, the 150 user reviews giving it 4.1 stars are a good place to start.

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If you're a dad who wants to listen to his own shows instead of My Little Pony on repeat, you can use this while keeping your daughter happy. This is a great way to listen to TV at night if you live in a crowded house and don't want to wake anyone up. If you have an older audio system that still works but don't have the money to upgrade, you can use this to add Bluetooth in an inexpensive way.

At 50% off, I'm sure you can find a reason to use it.

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