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Bias lighting has been around for years, though recently it's become even more popular and it's something that more and more people want to have. I've never really seen the need to get one, but always thought they were cool. It wasn't until more recently, when they started getting smarter that I really wanted to try one out and ended up picking up a set of the Govee Flow Pro Light Bars.

After using them the first time, I was left wondering why I had waited so long and then immediately started wondering if other TV sets in my home needed these as well.

Govee Flow Pro Light Bars: A Quick Glance

Want to know about these lights without having to read everything below? Here are some of the pros and cons we've found during our testing.

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  • Alexa & Google Home compatible
  • ColorSense technology syncs with TV
  • App is easy to use
  • Colors are fun


  • The included brackets don't offer various angles to mount at
  • The camera is not the most attractive thing sitting on a nice TV
Govee Flow Pro Light Bars

Govee Flow Pro Light Bars

Between the smart home functionality and the ability to keep these in sync with what you're watching on TV, there is a LOT to like about these new lights from Govee.

Govee Flow Pro Light Bars: What I like

Govee Lights On Behind TvSource: Jared DiPane / Thrifter

After spending about a month with the Govee Flow Pro Light Bars, there are a number of things that I've come to really like about them. First off, I loved how easy they were to set up and even get connected to Alexa. Within just a few minutes I had them up and running in the app, and the prompts walked through the entire set up including the camera. This made it really easy and was a very positive first experience.

I used the mounts that had 3M tape on them to hold the lights on the back of the TV, since our TV is mounted. This meant I could hide the wires and the lights, which provides a much cleaner look. When they are off you don't even know they are there, but when they are on you can see the lighting easily. I mounted the camera at the top of my TV since it was less obvious and we have a Sonos Beam mounted below it already.

Once you get it set up you can pick from a few different options for how the lights work. You can have them set to a static color or changed based upon what's on the screen, and for music they have an option to dance around which is just plain fun. I really enjoy having it set to change based on what's on the screen. It's kind of crazy how quickly it changes colors as the movies / shows change what's being shown, and it really does add a nice overall enhancement to the watching experience.

This is the first light option from Govee that offers RGBIC technology, which the company describes as:

Our RGBIC strip lights are equipped with over 50 IC (independent control) chips, a major upgrade from the one chip controlling RGB strip lights. Witness vivid rainbow-like colors constantly flowing, ensuring your entertainment experience is greatly enhanced. Gone are the days of solid-colored lighting. It's time you reinvent your indoor décor with fantastic lighting effects that will surely boost your mood!

Govee has added support for Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant, which means I can use my voice to turn the lights on and off as needed. I have set it up as part of various routines in my home so it's on without even having to think about it and it automatically turns off at night when we are ready for bed.

Govee Flow Pro Light Bars: What I didn't like

Govee Lights MountedSource: Jared DiPane / Thrifter

Govee includes two different mounting options in the box, but neither of them really worked well for where we have the TV. Our TV is mounted above our fireplace with a low-profile mount, and since it's mounted on the wall we couldn't use the standard bases that come with the lights. We had to use the ones designed to mount them to the back of the TV, which isn't an issue, except that they are fixed in position and don't allow you to change the angle. This means they fire right into the wall instead of upward which would work better since the TV is mounted at an angle.

The mounts have 3M tape on the back which is strong, but twice already they've fallen off our TV and then they get stuck onto something else. This makes it particularly hard to get it out again because the space is tight and the seal it creates is still pretty strong.

Aside from this, my other biggest complaint is about the camera unit. It's not something that you have to use for the lights to be functional, but it is required for some of the features. You can mount it on the top or bottom of the TV, but it just looks weird and every person who's come over has asked why we have a camera recording our TV. It's easy to explain, but I just wish there was another way to accomplish this, or maybe just having a sleeker-looking camera would solve the problems.

There were a few times during my testing that the lights would become unresponsive when being controlled by Alexa, but we have that happen to other stuff at times as well. Luckily, going into the app allowed for quick and easy control of the lights.

Govee Flow Pro Light Bars: Should you buy?

Govee CameraSource: Jared DiPane / Thrifter

For most people, I would say that the Govee Flow Pro Light Bars are an excellent choice. Whether you just want some calm light behind your TV or your want something that dances while you watch movies and listen to music, these do it all. They are very easy to set up and control, and don't need much thought once you get them set up the way that you want.

The camera won't be for everyone, but once you see how it works, and how crazy fast it makes the colors behind the TV change based on what's on the screen, you'll quickly fall in love. These aren't the cheapest lights out there to use with your TV, but they are also very far from the most expensive. You don't need another hub or any other fancy hardware to go with it. Everything you need is in the box so you can buy them and get started right away.

If you are looking to expand your home theater set up in 2021, these are a great addition that you should definitely consider adding now.

Govee Flow Pro Light Bars

Govee Flow Pro Light Bars

Between the smart home functionality and the ability to keep these in sync with what you're watching on TV, there is a LOT to like about these new lights from Govee.

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