So the LG CX OLED TV series continues to be one of our favorite TV sets that's compatible with Nvidia G-Sync for gaming, and this 48-inch version is a great size for a big ole monitor if you want to use it like that. It's definitely on the large side for a monitor, but any bigger would be too big, you know? If you're a Costco member and shop at Costco often, you don't want to miss this deal. Grab the LG OLED48CXAUB CX Series 48-inch 4K OLED smart TV for $1,449.99 and you'll get a free $150 Costco gift card. If you're like me, that $150 might cover one grocery shopping trip at least. This deal also includes a 3-year Allstate Protection Plan, which covers your TV in the case of mechanical or electrical failure during normal use. That's an extra $100 value.

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The discerning reader might notice Costco's model number is different than say Best Buy or Amazon. That's because this is an LG model specifically made for warehouse stores like Costco. You'll also find it at Sam's Club, although that deal only includes a $100 gift card. Other than where it's sold, there is no difference between the models. In fact, the same TV has dropped to $1,450 at those other retailers, they just don't include the extra gift card savings.

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LG OLED48CXAUB CX Series 48-inch 4K OLED smart TV with gift card

Even includes 3 years of coverage for failures with a free Allstate Protection Plan. Comes with easy access to LG's webOS smart platform, HDR support, and even Nvidia G-Sync tech for gaming. Its smart a9 Gen-3 AI processor has 4K upscaling.

$1,450 + $150 gift card

The single most important part of buying a TV is the image quality. Things like smart functionality or built-in Wi-Fi are nice, but those can be supplemented if lacking. If the image is bad, the TV will never be good. OLED panels ensure you get the highest picture quality possible, and they're rarely ever available at this price. You'll get the purest colors, the deepest blacks, and a wide color gamut that displays excellent HDR content (with support for Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG). The viewing angles are wide so everyone around the living room can watch. Pixel Level Dimming enables 8.3 million individually lit pixels, displaying details that are impossible with any other TV.

LG's webOS smart platform is one of the better smart platforms out there, too. It's fast and easy and gives you access to all of your favorite apps. You'll also get the Magic Remote with this TV, which lets you search the platform for your favorite movie or TV show with your voice or motion control.

The TV will upscale 4K content and has advanced AI processors that help give you the best image and audio possible. It even helps your TV grow over time by learning your preferences and getting better at what it does. Gaming features include things like adaptive sync and high refresh rates for smooth gameplay, including the aforementioned Nvidia G-Sync support.

There are so many connectivity options here, too. The TV has four HDMI ports, three USB 2.0 ports, an RF connection input, AV input, Ethernet, digital audio output, and more. Connect using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with any compatible device.

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