Time to put your green thumb to the test. Grow your own herbs with the AeroGarden Harvest 360 indoor garden on sale for $84.95. The Harvest 360 normally sells for as much as $150. It actually dropped to a decently low price of $108 over the last couple weeks, but today's deal is shocking by comparison. You're saving a ton of money, and because this is an exclusive Amazon Cyber Monday deal you're getting a little extra thrown in.

That little extra is the Heirloom Salad Greens Seed Pod Kit. Basically it's a collection of seeds to get you started with your new device, but these pod kits usually go for $13 on their own. Just add that value to the money you're already saving.


AeroGarden Harvest 360 black with Heirloom Salad Greens seed pod kit

This deal includes the Heirloom Salad Seed Pod Kit, an extra $13 worth of value, for free. Up to 6 plants can grow up to 12 inches in this indoor garden. Uses hydroponics and full spectrum 20-watt LEDs, so no need for soil or a mess.

$84.95 $150.00 $65 off

Truthfully, you don't even need to have a green thumb to make this thing work. It does most of the work for you. Since it is a hydroponic garden, you don't need to worry about soil which is a huge chunk of gardening in the first place. Then the Harvest 360 has full spectrum high-performance 20-watt LEDs the plants will use to maximize photosynthesis. That means you don't even need to place this thing next to a window or on a balcony. Your plants will grow no matter where the device is, as long as you provide the water and keep up with the food.

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Speaking of which, the Harvest 360 has a control panel that will help guide you through a lot of this. The control panel tells you when to add water, reminds you whhen to add plant food, which comes with the pod kit, and can even automatically turn the lights on and off. That should remove all doubt about whether or not you can handle this.

The Heirloom Salad Seed Kit includes six pre-seeded grow pods, and these will eventually grow into Black Seeded Simpson, Deer Tongue, Parris Island, Marvel of 4 Seasons, Rouge D'iver, and Red Sail. You'll also get a three-ounce bottle of all-natural plant nutrients.

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