The AeroGarden Farm 12 XL garden kit is one of AeroGarden's larger indoor gardens with a more robust feature set. Right now it's on sale for $399.99 at Best Buy as part of the deals of the day. That's $300 off its regular price and you can still find it selling for that $700 street price at other retailers like Walmart. Remember the deal expires at the end of the day, and you probably won't see this version of the AeroGarden drop this low again anytime soon.

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AeroGarden Farm 12 XL garden kit

Using AeroGarden's unique mix of grow light, plant food, and hydroponics, you can grow up to 12 of your favorite herbs or veggies or flowers at any time of year. Has a touchscreen, a customizable app, and voice control via Alexa.

$399.99 $700.00 $300 off

The Farm 12XL is a much larger version of the AeroGarden than what we usually see. Most AeroGarden devices are designed to fit on your countertop and can only handle a few herbs at a time. The Farm 12XL can handle 12 unique pods at a time, which means you can grow all the herbs, vegetables, or flowers you want. Make your own entire salad bar from the indoor garden that you grow yourself. Plus, since it is designed to be indoors you can do this all year long.

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You won't need any sunlight, soil, or any sort of gardening talent. The AeroGarden can be placed just about anywhere in your home that's the most convenient for you. It is 36 inches tall, which gives you three feet of grow height for growing full-sized vegetables like tomatoes and peppers. The reason you don't need sunlight is because the AeroGarden has its own grow light. It's a 60W LED panel that is actually designed to give you improved production and bigger yields.

The Farm 12XL has tons of smart features, too. Use the AeroGarden app to customize your grow light and get your plants growing to perfection. You can also use the built-in touchscreen control panel to get all the settings just right. Connect the device to your Wi-Fi and your smart home ecosystem and keep tabs on it through Amazon Alexa using your voice.

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