Update: This offer has expired.

Smart lights are the future, and some of them have become really cool. Take the Nanoleaf Aurora for example, it's a bunch of panels that you can hang on your wall in a variety of patterns to bring a unique focal point to the room. When our pals at Android Central took a look at them, they said: "It turns out the smart lights I've wanted all along aren't lightbulb shaped."

There's no denying that these lights aren't exactly cheap, but right now you can save big on a set at Home Depot. The lights are currently on sale for $179.99, but if you use the coupon code HOMEDEPOT10, you can save an extra $10. This drops the price down to just $169.99, which is a total savings of $30. Just about every other retailer, including Best Buy, is selling these at the $199.99 price point.

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If you're interested in these lights, you'll want to pick them up sooner than later. The discount of $20 is scheduled to run through October 12, though we are unsure of how long the additional $10 coupon will work.

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