Every girl dreams of her wedding day, but when it's time to finally tie the knot the price quickly adds up! Most brides are surprised by the actual costs of a modern wedding, and when the planning process begins it can quickly become disheartening. Instead of sacrificing your visions for your big day, there are a few ways you can cut costs and corners in order to prevent going over your budget and still get the dream day that you have always envisioned.

With the help of Pinterest and other inspirational social media sites that make DIY easy for the average Joe, brides everywhere are finding creative ways to enhance their weddings with DIY projects. DIY brides love cutting back wedding costs with homemade items that look professional and save a tremendous amount of money. Custom creations can easily be sold back to other brides too!

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If you're up for a DIY challenge, trying to save money for your wedding where you can, or would like to make some money back once the day is over, here are few tricks you can try to resell your wedding décor once you're done using it.

Vendors vs. DIY

Paying various vendors to create, and deliver your wedding décor can add on extra costs in which you could easily save with just a little DIY and shopping. Hiring someone to bring the table linens, set them up, and take them down might sound appealing as it will be less work to worry about the day of, but could get costly very quickly, and you won't have any potential to make any of the money back. Even if you don't make a profit, getting some money back for your wedding stuff will still reduce the overall costs you spend on your big day.

Vendors often leave out special fees and costs, such as delivery charges, or cleaning fees until the last minute. Don't wait until last minute to discover the true costs of vendors! Before meeting with a vendor, it is best to come up with an overall price you're willing to pay and see if you can find any cheaper prices online so that they can try to match that price. Keep in mind; even if a vendor is willing to match your price, you won't be able to resell anything if you're renting. DIY décor and items that you can buy yourself will allow you more freedom with designs, and use and you can sell them to another bride who will appreciate the discounted cost as much as you did!

If you're interested in a particular item, you can ask the vendor if they could order the items for you at the wholesale cost that they get it for, and then pay them directly for the items. This will allow them to just sell the item directly to you without them having to mark up the costs to a retail price.

When To Shop

As soon as you have a particular idea in mind it's important to start your shopping as soon as possible. Some sites take longer than others to ship items if you choose to do most of your shopping online. And online retail shops like Amazon, or Alibaba often ship items from far away countries, such as China, which can lead to an even longer arrival date.

Wedding planning is a time-consuming process, and since you'll be busy figuring everything else out for the big day, you'll want to get a head start on your décor and accessories! To make the most of your money, keep an eye out for sales and coupons. Holidays are an easy way to save on supplies, and when seasons change most stores are trying to get rid of particular seasonal items. For example, fall décor, such as lanterns will go on sale when the winter holidays start to roll around! This is a great chance to get regular priced items for a big discount.

Where To Sell


Places like Craigslist and eBay have been around for quite some time, and are often on the top of the list when people are looking for an affordable resale site. One of the positive things about these types of online sites is the fact that they already have a reputation that many people are familiar with. Although it is a common resale shop, they require you to ship items, which can decrease your profits, so you might have to increase your overall sale price to compensate for some that will be lost during the shipping process.

Social Media

Social media platforms are a great source for selling unwanted items. Searching Facebook you can find groups or pages that specifically revolve around trading, buying, and selling items. Facebook Marketplace makes it easy to communicate and prevents Facebook users from advertising their personal sales on their own pages.

This is great for your friends, since you won't have to spam their newsfeed with your items for sale, and can limit your posts to Marketplace specifically so that it only pertains to people who are actually interested in buying items. You can also find personal groups created by other users on Facebook that will help you share tips/advice for weddings with other brides, as well as communicate to resell your décor, wedding dress, and other accessories.

Resale Apps

Apps make it easy to take a quick picture of the item you want to get rid of and attract potential buyers near your area. This convenient method of selling will allow you to gain a wider audience because you are not limiting your selling to just other brides, and instead, opening up the items to lots of customers. There is a variety of reselling apps, such as Let Go and OfferUp, that allows the user to upload their own content regarding the item and the app will show the listing to buyers in the area.

What Items Do I Sell?

You can pretty much decide to resell any, or all of your wedding items just depending on what you want to keep for sentimental reasons, or if you think you could reuse the item later. First, you need to gather all of the individual items from your wedding and organize them into piles, so that you can keep count of how many of each you have. Once you have gathered all the items, make a list of the inventory, and write a small product description to help online shoppers understand what it is you are selling, and to give them an easy idea of what you could use it for.

Fake candles are a hot commodity when it comes to wedding supplies

If you are using fake flowers over real flowers, try to keep them bundled together as they were on the day that you used them. This makes it easier for the next bride as she won't have to do any work creating the bouquets herself. Items or décor that are already all put together, such as centerpieces are more appealing to potential buyers since there's less work to do on their end. If you already dismantled your centerpieces or craft projects, take some time to put one back together for photo purposes, this way buyers can get an idea of how all the items put together will look as a finished piece.

Fake candles are a hot commodity when it comes to wedding supplies, and selling in bulk will allow you to get rid of clutter quicker. Most wedding venues do not allow for open flame for safety reasons, so brides now opt for fake candles with LED flames. These make for a great addition to your ambiance, but once the wedding is over there's not much you can do with 100 fake candles. Reselling fake candles to other brides is an easy task, and helps to save them money as well.

Some brides don't always have a sentimental attachment when it comes to items, like their dress, garter, or veils. If you're really looking to get rid of everything once you're done with your wedding, and potentially get money back, these items are a great sale because a lot of brides don't want to splurge or pay full retail price for a gown that will only be worn for a few hours. If this is something you are willing to get rid of you might want to shop for a second-hand dress yourself, that way when it's time for you to sell it you won't have as much as an attachment and will be able to let it go. Wedding dresses and more custom items like this are best to resell when they are not altered. If you can keep a dress at a common size that most other brides will fit into, then it will make it easier to resell. But if you are a petite bride, or need to customize your size or design, then it could be hard to find someone who will be the exact fit!

Although some brides make it a personal goal to resell and get rid of everything they used for their day once it's over, you don't have to do the same! Even if you only sell one or two items back, you're helping other brides create their dream wedding with YOUR help! One idea to keep in mind is to always share with your friends and family. If you know someone who is getting married around or after you, then make sure to take note on items that they really like of yours. When everything is said and done, your closest family and friends may very well be the same people you resell your stuff too! You can also take some time to shop with items with those people, and share, or split the costs on décor that you both want to use for your weddings.

How Much To Sell For?

Chances are brides who are interested in buying your gently used wedding décor are hunting for a discount. It's okay to make a profit from the items that you buy, rather than rent for your wedding, but don't go overboard by marking up the items to a price in which they could find online. With sources, such as Amazon it's becoming easier and easier to find reasonably priced items for wedding décor if you're the DIY type bride.

Do your research on the retail amount of the items you are ready to sell. Then take into account how much you paid yourself for those items. With some simple math you should be able to find a middle ground that will make you a profit, but still stay reasonable for others who are looking to buy as well.

For example, the average cost to rent a satin table linen can range from $10 - $20, depending on the size. Amazon and other retail stores sell satin table linens for $10. If you buy each of your lines, instead of renting them you'll pay the same price, if not cheaper for each table, and then have the ability to resell them once you are done using them! One thing about linen rental places that most brides don't take into account is the fact that these places also charge delivery and pick up fees on top of rental prices.

You don't have to be a professional salesman, or lifelong eBay seller in order to easily resell your wedding items. Many brides are looking for ways to reduce wedding costs, as the costs of weddings seem to continue to rise. The pressure from increased trends and viral videos makes it hard to be a bride these days without spending your savings account, so a little bit of DIY and hard work after the day to sell the items back will pay off in the end.

Brides everywhere are taking advantage of the DIY and second-hand craze, and if you're just not to sure where to start these simple tricks could lead you on your way to keeping cash in your piggy bank for the best honeymoon ever!

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