When you make the commitment to bringing a fur baby into your home, you'll want to make sure they get the best treatment.

For a snuggly, and good nights rest, your dog will love the comfort of their very own bed, and what better way to show them some love than to make one of your own for them? Whether Fido is hogging the bed and it's time for his own, or you're looking for ways to pinch pennies and save on pet care, these simple steps will lead you into creating a one-of-a-kind dog bed both you and your pet will love.

Location & Size

Every dog is different, and creating a dog bed that is perfect for their size makes all the difference when it comes to comfort while they sleep. You'll want to find an ideal location in which you will be keeping his or her bed. Once you've got the perfect spot measure out the area, and ensure that your dog will fit in the space. It might help to measure the length of your dog from head to tail, so that the bed will be big enough even when they stretch out. You wouldn't want to accidentally build a bed fit for a small dog when you have a Dalmatian at home!

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Fabric & Tools

First things first: head to your nearest craft store (or use Amazon Prime)! Make sure to call ahead of time to see if they have any sales. Most chain craft stores will put certain items on sale each week, and you can save up to 50% off or more on the items you need for your bed. Here's what you will need:

Choosing Your Fabric

Picking the fabric can often be the most fun out of this whole project, but there are a few things to keep in mind, as this is a bed for a dog. Patterns and prints are up to you, but the fabric type will make a big difference in cleaning and care. Although those fuzzy, metallic, and velvet-soft fabrics might be appealing, they could get ruined very quickly, and aren't ideal for pets. Choose a fabric that will be easy to clean, and one that can be thrown in the washer machine without it shrinking or shredding. A simple cotton blend would be your best bet.

If you're going to be putting this bed in a particular part of your home, you'll want to try and match it to your home décor and colors so it doesn't stand out. If you're not fond of any of the fabrics at the store, or if you want to save even more money, you can opt for turning an old t-shirt into a dog bed! Simply cut off the sleeves and collar and use the main area as the fabric for the bed.

Step 1

After you've gathered all your materials from the craft store, and you're ready to begin this process you'll need to begin by cutting the fabric. The store employee should have already cut the maximum length you will need, so the next part will be to measure at the half point of your total. Take your fabric length and divide it in half. Mark a line at the half, and cut straight down the center creating two even sections. For example, 4 feet can be cut into two equal two foot halves.

Step 2

Once you have your two proportionate sections you'll want to turn them inside out, so that the unappealing fabric will be sewn on the inside once you are done. Place one fabric on the floor with the unappealing side on the ground and the pretty side facing you. Next, evenly line up the edges and stack the next section on top, with the other decorative side facing the middle, and the unappealing side facing you.

You can begin by completely sewing one side, then move on to the two longest edges leaving just one side open. Once you have done all three sides you can begin working on the last. The fourth will not be sewn completely up just yet. You will want to leave a gap for stuffing.

Once the gap has been left you will need to turn this fabric inside out. Right now it should look similar to a bag, so your gap should be wide enough to turn fabric through.

Step 3

Now that the bed is turned inside out to the right side, the fabric should all look great again, with the unappealing now facing the interior and hidden from the naked eye. This is the fun part! STUFFING! Use the gap that you left open on the last edge in order to fill the bed with the stuffing you purchased from the craft store. Make sure to push it the furthest it can go into the edges so you don't miss a spot. You can make the bedding as plush, or as flat as you would like, just make sure your dog will like to lay on it.

Step 4

Once you have filled it to the amount you're satisfied with, you can sew up the last edge. Before doing so, you might want to test out the softness, or fullness of the bed. Have your pet lay down on the bed so you can see where the stuffing gives, and if it looks like you need more, add some fluff! Sewing the last edge will finalize your finished product, and it's a hassle to have to reopen stitches, so make sure you're happy with the thickness of the bed. The reason why you sewed it inside out was to create a much cleaner sewing line, so you won't be able to see any messy stitches! The stitches should be practically invisible now!

If you have the basic tools, this project will cost you nothing at all!

With these four simple steps, you've got a cozy and cute bed that your dog will love to fall asleep in! Compared to the store, costs of pet supplies are often made cheaper by finding a DIY project like this one. Your average pet bed can start at $20 on the cheap side, and if you have all the supplies at home (aside from the fabric and stuffing) you can save big on this expense!

For a bed that's practically free, recycle an old pillow, or stuffed animals for the stuffing, and up-cycle and old t-shirt, dress, or clothing for the fabric. If you have the sewing basic tools, this project will cost you nothing at all! Not only will you have an item your pet will love, but also you can show off to friends and family.

Another option for a more flexible bed is to use an old pillow rather than stuffing it by hand. This is almost like creating a pillow case, and when it's time for a quick wash, you can just remove the outer fabric and throw it in the machine! Substitute the final edge of sewing for a zipper, or Velcro opening, that way the outer layer is completely removable.

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