In case you missed the earlier conversation around here, we like Target stores. They are like shopping on a private island, your own private island, where the things you need and want are lined up categorically, collectively, and lest we say ever so neatly. It's a great place to shop, once in a while or all the time.

Regardless of your Target attendance record, its Cartwheel program is a good idea for anybody that likes to save money. It's basically a site (yes, there's an app) where you can 'clip' coupons that are available for use specifically at Target stores.

Here's how it works:

  1. Create an account at - you can also login with Google +, Facebook, or your existing Target account.
  2. Review the offers, or featured coupons, arranged by categories and collections (just like in the store!).
  3. Select the offers that you will use - you will get fifty 'spots' on an ongoing basis. In other words, you can have up to 50 coupons in your 'cart' at any given time. When you use some, more become available.
  4. Review your list to be sure you selected everything you wanted - offers will be saved with a check mark upon selection and added to your list prior to checkout.
  5. Check out - if you're using the website, you can print the barcode and coupons individually. With the app, your barcode will be saved and you can use your mobile device to scan at the register upon checkout.

This is a great program for frequent Target shoppers. But again, even if you don't often find yourself in the store, having a Cartwheel account on hand couldn't hurt anything - you know, in case you find yourself needing a break. Remember that private island paradise?... It can be yours while you rack up the savings, combining this program with other manufacturer's coupons too!

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There are hundreds of coupons with a face value of 5-50% off each item for several products in every department in the store. There are even added coupons, some unrelated to Target deals, at your barcode checkout screen. Monitor your savings with the app or on the web page. The offer savings are tallied at the register and you can see exactly how much you saved with your coupons within four hours of the transaction in which your offers were redeemed!

Coupons cannot be combined with price match guarantees

Of course, there are stipulations with any couponing regimen. I always recommend reading ALL the fine print with programs like this, mostly to be sure you are aware of the terms and conditions when you get to the register. It makes for a pleasant experience with the knowledgeable cashiers too. Otherwise, Target made it pretty simple: Coupons cannot be combined with price match guarantees and offers are not redeemable on or the Target app, but you can use your entire Cartwheel list up to six times per day! I know you… catch the sale, get your coupons, hit the store, save big!

If you already use couponing sites, this will be a very familiar interface for you. If you're not really the type, this may be the easiest way to save money at Target for the average consumer. Give it a try. Use your REDCard to save even more!

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