Everybody has a secret desire and sometimes legitimate need to save money whenever and wherever, and there are lots of ways to do it within your own shopping habits. Some stores accept coupons and coupon codes while others have those neat rewards programs that allow you to watch the savings add up as you check out. Sometimes it can actually be a little bit confusing trying to save time and money all over town though. That is why you shop at WalMart.

WalMart does not have any kind of rewards program but they are totally into slashing prices on your favorite products and they've found yet another way save you money! Besides the fact that they are already a one stop shop and they also have online options.

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If you're not already privy to the pickup option on the WalMart website for just about anything you can buy in the store itself and thousands of other items that are available online only, you're about to get schooled because they just enhanced the online shopping experience.

As a brief refresher for some of you and a glimpse into what we're talking about here, when you shop online at Walmart.com, options include home delivery or store delivery, in which case you are prompted with an email reminder to pick up your merchandise at the in-store pick up counter when your items are delivered to the store.

So, this is a pretty great feature, right? Heck ya! It already saves you money on shipping and you're probably going to WalMart at some point anyway. Well, that's what WalMart hopes for. Which got the company thinking, how could it save its online customers even more money?

Introducing the New Pickup Discount option. By the time you read this, WalMart will have made over 1 million of its most popular online (only) products to be eligible for this amazing savings feature.

In an effort to create a way for customers to save on items they will already be picking up in the store, in lieu of the home delivery option, these products will be marked on the WalMart website for each respective discounted amount as you shop. It varies per product. You will see the eligible discount before you get to your 'cart', that is.

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose the store where you will pick up your delivery order before you begin shopping. Watch your savings add up as you shop for eligible items in the discounted in-store pickup delivery pool of products.
  2. Choose in-store pickup as the delivery option for your item(s).
  3. WalMart will email you when your order is ready to pick up. Generally within 2-3 days.
  4. Check into the store when you arrive using the WalMart app. This will notify the store crew that you are about to request pickup of your item, saving time as they retrieve the item from the shelf (maybe even before you get to the counter), further saving you time!
  5. Follow the signs to the pickup area inside WalMart. Most stores' pickup counter is directly to the right when you walk in the right side doors of the store - where the photo labs used to be!

Save some time, shop online. Save some money, pick your orders up at the store instead of having them delivered to your home or office. With so many eligible products, you're most likely to find a deal on something you're already looking for.

Do your shopping online, keep it in your budget.

It's really as simple as that. If you've already noticed a few products sporting these discounts, you're a step ahead of the game. WalMart only released 10,000 items at the initial launch of the program back in April. Who knows what they'll think of next?

Now, remember to think about this folks. WalMart is saving you money as they save their own money too. Sure they have the customer's best interest in mind but try to think like a corporation. Here's a tip - do your shopping online, keep it in your budget. Pick up your items in the store to utilize the savings discounts but do NOT go shopping once you're in there. WalMart expects you to remember something you forgot once you arrive, which will inevitably have you spending the money you already saved. That's just some Thrifter 101 for ya...

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