Some people will sign up for DIRECTV NOW because they genuinely want to try the service, others will sign up just to take advantage of a current hardware promotion the company is running. There's no right or wrong reason to create an account, the key here is just knowing how to sign up, and how to make sure you are getting what you expect to get.

Before signing up, you'll want to compare the four different plan options that DIRECTV NOW offers. The entry-level plan, "Live a Little", has about 60 channels and runs $35 a month. Part of cutting the cord is making channel sacrifices, but if there are some that you just can't live without, there are other options. DIRECTV NOW also offers a $50, $60, and $70 a month plan which can get you access to more than 120 channels of great content.

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If you are signing up just to take advantage of a promotion, it may seem obvious, but take advantage of the lowest cost plan that the promotion allows. If you want to continue beyond the required length of time, then you can always change your plan at a later time. Once you select a plan you aren't locked into just that one, so you can bounce around until you find the best value for your family.

Getting Signed Up

  1. Head to
  2. Click "Get One Week Free" or scroll down to find "Special Offer" section
  3. Create an account (you'll need an email address and password)

  4. Click "Let's Do This"
  5. Select the plan that meets your needs and click continue
  6. Add extra premium channels or skip them for now
  7. Pick the promotion that you are interested in and click continue

  8. Enter payment method (credit card or PayPal)
  9. Accept terms and conditions and submit

While checking out, be sure that the free hardware you are expecting to receive shows up in your payment summary. DirecTV Now ships the hardware via FedEx and it can take up to two weeks for it to be delivered.

Cancelling your account

Luckily, it's as easy to cancel your account as it is to create it. There's no shame in signing up for an account just to take advantage of a promotion, I mean we are all thrifty at heart here right? A good deal quickly turns into a bad one once you start paying more for it, and that can happen rather easily in this situation.

DirecTV Now automatically bills your account each month, so be sure to follow these easy steps to cancel your account once you receive your promotional item.

Current Deals

DirecTV Now has a few different promotions running that you can take advantage of. New customers can try the service for a week to see how it works, but this means that you can't take advantage of any other promotions the company is offering.

Right now, you can get an Amazon Fire TV 4K when you prepay for two months of service. The Fire TV 4K sells at Amazon for $70, but this deal scores you two months of service on top of that.

If you prefer Apple hardware, DirecTV Now is offering an Apple TV 4K when you prepay for three months of service. This effectively makes the Apple TV 4K $105 instead of $179, and you get access to the service for three full months.

Lastly, you can try the "Live a Little" package for three months for $10 a month. During checkout, you'll need to enter coupon code YESNOW3 to instantly save $25 for each month. This promotion is only good for three months, and once the three months pass you'll be charged the full $35 per month.

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