Time to go completely wire free with the brand new HTC Vive Wireless Adapter. If you've been using Virtual Reality systems like the HTC Vive or the newer Vive Pro, then you know one of the limitations is having to stay connected to your PC. HTC has partnered with some big names to come up with a solution to that problem while still maintaining the performance required for VR.

The Vive Wireless Adapter will work with both the Vive and Vive Pro, but Vive Pro users will need the additional compatibility pack that adds a Pro connection cable, foam padding, and a unique attachment device. You install the adapter to your current system using a PCI-e card and a sensor on your PC that broadcasts to the headset. It will have a broadcast range of six meters and a 150 degree field of view from the sensor. It is powered by HTC's QC 3.0 PowerBank, which can double as a 10500mAh power bank for your phone.

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HTC has already worked with wireless technology with devices like the Vive Link Controllers, and there are plenty of great accessories the 360-degree Deluxe Audio Strap. That's where the partnerships come into play because HTC wanted to perfect what they already had by creating something with as little latency as possible. It will run using Intel's WiGig specification on an interference-free wireless band and make use of DisplayLink's XR codec, which means high performance and no lag without draining the battery.

The adapter will be available everywhere, including retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, and Microsoft, by September 24. Pre-orders start September 5. It will retail at $299, and the compatibility pack for the Pro will start at $60. Your purchase will come with a two-month trail to Viveport Subscription, HTC's Virtual Reality store that gives you access to five new titles every month. Even without the subscription, you can still use Viveport to buy new games and download free apps.

When the wireless adapter actually becomes available for pre-order, we will update you with more info.

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