Update: This deal has ended.

The iClever BoostStrip power strip is down to $17.99 on Amazon if you use code ICSTRIP9. This deal comes from seller Thousandshores Inc. Our last deal on the BoostStrip featured the White version dropping to $17, but the Black version regularly sells around $21 or more.

This power strip turns a single 3-prong outlet into 3 outlets and 4 USB ports. It also has separate power controls for the outlets and the USB ports, so you can cut off power to one without cutting off power to the other. Other features include:

  • The continuous power supply has 1250W rated power with 3 AC outlets and security current up to 10 amps
  • The overload switch has circuits automatically break off when the current exceeds threshold, preventing plugged-in high temperature devices from fire, sparks or other damages
  • The intelligent USB charger includes 4 USB Charging Ports with our SmartID Technology, where each port supplies the maximum charging effect allowed by your device (up to 5V/2.4A)
  • Over-current, short-circuit and over-temperature protected USB charging port armor your smart device; 94V0 fire-proof materials can bear high temperature up to 750 Celsius degrees, much safer and reliable

The device has an 18-month replacement warranty.

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