If you're looking for something more portable, we've seen those deals today, too, but if storage space is your driving concern, then this is the deal for you. The WD Easystore 16TB drive has dropped to $259.99 at Best Buy. We haven't seen it drop this low since Black Friday, so you'll want to grab it while you can because it might be a while before we see it again. The huge capacity drive normally sells for around $350 at Best Buy, and it's not really available elsewhere.

So much space

WD Easystore 16GB external desktop hard drive

How much data can you store? This drive has the space for it! Uses USB 3.0 interface for speedy data transfer and it's backwards compatible with 2.0. Works on PC and Mac but needs reformat for the latter. Comes with 2-year warranty.

$259.99 $350.00 $90 off

As a desktop external hard drive, the Easystore is not a drive meant to travel with you. It should be sitting on your desk serving as a semi-permanent storage for your media. Because of that, WD also makes it really easy to use these drives to back up your system. Use the WD Backup software and you'll be able to set a schedule that backs up your data regularly.

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If you just want something for your photos, videos, and documents, use the WD Discovery software to back up all of that information easily. It can also manage your drive settings and give you better LED control.

Power and connect the drive with USB 3.0, which gives it data transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps. It's also backwards compatible with USB 2.0 for slower speeds but wider compatibility with more machines.

The drive comes formatted for NTFS and is compatible with Windows 7 or newer right out of the box. If you want to use this with a Mac, you can but you need to reformat it. So don't put any data on it before you do this or you'll lose that data. Once it is reformatted to work with a Mac, it can also be used with Time Machine for backup that way.

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