The Philips SmartSleep Connected sleep and wake-up light therapy lamp is down to $169.99 when you clip the $30 off on-page coupon at Amazon. The $200 price without the coupon has been this light's normal selling price since April, and it was actually selling for as high as $220 before then. The drop to $170 today with the coupon matches the lowest direct price drop we've ever seen, and it has only hit this price once before.

Low price

Philips SmartSleep Connected sleep and wake-up light therapy lamp

Built-in bedroom sensor and smartphone connection helps create ideal environment. AmbiTrack sensor measures your bedroom's temp, noise, light, and humidity. Customize the alarm, light, sound, and sunrise/sunset themes. Has clock and touch display.

$169.99 $200.00 $30 off

With coupon: Clip the on-page coupon

This isn't just a night light or a clock. It definitely has both of those things, but the Philips SmartSleep is so much more than that. This thing can actually improve the way you go to sleep and wake up in the mornings. It does that with a combination of advanced features that help create an ideal environment for you. There are many Philips wake-up lights out there, and if you're looking for more great deals then be ready for Amazon Prime Day coming up soon for even better deals.

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The Philips SmartSleep actually has a built-in bedroom sensor called AmbiTrack. This sensor can detect things like temperature, noise, light, and humidity. It will then provide you recommendations for each setting and how you should adjust them to get a better night's sleep. The light connects to your smartphone to provide those recommendations so you can see and control everything from there.

While on yoru smartphone, use the free SleepMapper app. It helps you personalize the light to what you need. You can customize the alarm, the light, and the sound. You can even choose from several colored sunrise and sunset themes. If something doesn't work for you, try a different setting.

Trouble falling asleep? Use RelaxBreathe. It's a light-guided breathing program that helps you fall asleep. Then you'll wake up in the morning to a simulated sunrise.

Extra features include an FM radio, power bck up, a USB port for charging your phone, an Aux dock with speaker, a full-dim clock, and a smart touch display.

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