Be part of a new deal on a brand new product, the U2 Sleep "Stop Tossing & Turning" Pillow, which is down to just $49 right now as part of an Early Adopter deal. The pillow will normally sell for $100 once this deal expires, so you're saving more than 50% today. A lot of popular sleep-related companies, like Sleep Number or Casper, make unique pillows, but any of them with a custom design generally go for around $60 or more. If U2 Sleep's pillow is of interest to you, you'll be getting it for a good value here.

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U2 Pillow

U2 Sleep Stop Tossing and Turning Pillow

This is a hypoallergenic pillow designed with a unique U shape to align your spine and cradle your head, giving you support that reduces neck and back pain. The air vents promote air flow, keeping you cool. Has removable layers and adjustable height.

$49 $100 $51 off

The Stop Tossing and Turning Pillow wants to change how you sleep. If you wake up with a lot of neck pain or back pain, it might be because you are not well-aligned when you're sleeping. The unique U shape creates a sort of cradle for your head. You can perfectly match your neck's shape and support your spine, helping to keep your spine aligned while you sleep and hopefully reduce some of those aches you feel in the morning.

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Since everyone sleeps differently, the pillow has some customizability to it as well. There are three layers you can remove, giving you four different pillow combinations. It also has an adjustable height with eight possibilities there. Basically, it's fully adaptive to however tall you are and whether you have wide shoulders or not.

Do you wake up feeling sweaty and icky during the summer? If you have a thick pillow, it might be raising your body temperature at night. The U2 Sleep pillow has 360 air vents that help promote airflow and keep you cool so you don't overheat, especially when it's already hot out. It also comes with a pure cotton pillowcase.

The U2 Sleep pillow has a 7 to 70 night gaurantee because you need at least 7 nights to adjust to a new pillow. It's also covered by a 5-year warranty for any quality issues.

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