The Insteon SwitchLinc Dimmer is currently on sale at Amazon for $35.99, a discount of $11 off its average selling price.

Insteon's SwitchLinc is a smart switch dimmer which allows you to replace any old wired light switch with a new one which you can control via the included remote control or an app on your smart device. You can even use with your voice, though you'd have to have an Amazon Alexa-enabled device and the Insteon Hub ($57). You can also buy motion sensors to connect with the hub as well.

The SwitchLinc dimmer allows you to schedule your lighting to turn on or off at a certain time and helps brings your home energy cost down. Best of all, it can replace most standard wall switches in minutes by removing the old switch and re-connecting the few wires to your new switch instead.

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If you're already set on upgrading your home with more smart products, you may even want to consider the Wemo Dimmer Switch. It's a bit more expensive at $69.99 (regularly $80), however its a bit more premium too. It has over 7,000 reviews with a 4.1 ranking and can pair with a bunch of other Wemo products to allow you to create a total smart home piece by piece.

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