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This KastKing 10-liter dry bag is down to $12.78 with code 6YYUY24L. It's normally $15.98, and these bags do not drop in price very much at all. The deal works on every size and in every color. The 20L dry bag drops to $15.98 from $19.98. The 30L dry bag drops to $20.78 from $25.98. Also, you can order as many as you want and the coupon code works for all of them.

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These things work wonders for you if you plan on getting wet. Whether camping in the rain or kayaking down a river, you can stuff this bag with everything you want to keep dry (cameras, phones, tablets, for example) and drag it along behind you. Features include:

  • Waterproof, snow proof, sand proof, dust proof.
  • Extra tough 500D PVC material for exceptional strength
  • Double roll top closure does not wick moisture
  • Lighter and more pliable for easy packing
  • Polyurethane coated and fully seam sealed for ultimate water-proofness
  • Round base design in all sizes
  • Straightforward, versatile and reliable protection for your gear

These bags can float if you fill them with air, too.

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