Update: This sale has ended.

As part of the Gold Box deals of the day, Amazon is featuring a selection of Kindle books down to as low as $2. Kindle prices can't be tracked over the long-term, but many of these books sell for around $9-10 usually. We can see some of them, like Pilgrim at Tinker Creek and Dragon's Teeth were selling for $10 just two days ago. Since you'd also have to pay $10-30 for a paperback or hardcover version of these books, $2 seems like a pretty great way to get introduced to award-winning literature.

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Here's some of the books on sale for $2:

There are plenty of other books on sale, too, including New York Times bestsellers like Life of Pi and Inside Out and Back Again.

If you have Amazon Prime you can get a free book to read with July's Kindle First selections. And you'll get another group of books to try next week when Amazon releases August's list.

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