Update: This deal has ended.

The 2013 2nd Generation Kindle Paperwhite is down to $55 refurbished at Woot! today. That price includes the $5 flat-rate shipping fee. Since Woot! is owned by Amazon and Amazon owns the Kindle brand, you can trust this was refurbished by an Amazon tech and comes with a 90-day Woot! warranty. On the site, it says the only issues will be cosmetic.

It's hard to compare prices for the 2013 Paperwhite since it isn't on sale anywhere anymore and Amazon is purposefully vague and confusing about previous generations. Compared to a modern Paperwhite, you're saving $65 off the price of a new one and $35 off the price of a refurb. However, buying a refurb directly from Amazon gets you a one year warranty instead of 90 days.

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While this generation of Kindle doesn't have as nice a display or as much storage as newer versions, it was really well liked in its day. CNET gave it 4 stars and called it "a clear improvement" over the original device. It's definitely an upgrade over the more basic Kindle e-readers both in price and functionality since it has a built-in light for reading in the dark.

With this Paperwhite you'll have 2GB of storage to hold more than 1,000 books, a battery life that lasts eight weeks on a single charge, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a USB 2.0 port that can connect the Kindle to a computer.

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