Update: This offer has expired.

The Kwikset Kevo 2nd generation touch-to-open Bluetooth smart lock is down to $200 on Amazon right now. Its normal street price is $230, which is what it's going for at other retailers like Best Buy. This deal is only available in the Venetian Bronze color.

You can also get this same price at Home Depot if you prefer.

The Kwikset Kevo is a simple deadbolt lock you can use to replace a current lock on your door. It has Bluetooth built-in so you can pair the lock with your phone. When you approach the door, the lock detects your phone and allows you to unlock your door with just a touch. Strangers will need a key, but if those strangers happen to be your friends you can send them an unlimited number of eKeys with your smartphone.

This is the second version of the Kevo, and even though it looks very similar to the first generation the new one improves on it in some very important and very specific ways. For one thing, the original Kwikset Kevo had a security weakness with brute force attacks. The 2nd generation specifically addresses that vulnerability with an all-metal interior and it is no longer an issue. The 2nd gen. Kevo has also streamlined the installation process and made it easier to do, which was one of the big negatives of the first one.

You can also add this Kwikset Kevo Fob to your key chain to unlock the door without your key. It could come in handy if you forget your phone or your phone runs out of power.

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