Disney Movies Anywhere

For most films you buy, the digital copy goes into one specific service or app, and all you get is the feature film. When you get a Disney Digital Copy, you don't get your digital copy on one app: you get them on seven, from iTunes to Vudu to Google Play Movies (and YouTube).

And that's just the beginning.

Disney Movies Anywhere uses the same free Disney account you'd use for a Disney vacation or the Disney Store, and once you sign into Disney Movies Anywhere, you'll be asked which video services you want to link to Disney Movies Anywhere. The directions are easy to follow along with, and once you've linked up to services like iTunes or Amazon, the Disney digital copies you redeemed previously will be added to your account and to your library on the other services you've linked to your account.

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When I first signed up for Disney Movies Anywhere, ten years of Disney digital copies in iTunes suddenly showed up in my Google Play Movies library, digital copies I hadn't seen for years since I hopped over to Android. This cross-library sharing can spread even further when combined with iTunes' Family Sharing or Google Play's Family Library. I buy one copy of Beauty and the Beast, and it shows up in all of my digital libraries and in my family's Google Play Movies Family Library. (Please note: if you share a Disney movie through Family Library or Family Sharing, it shows up in iTunes/Google Play under their account but not in Disney Movies Anywhere.)

Disney Movies Anywhere AndroidTV

Even if your kiddos aren't old enough for their own iTunes or Google accounts, you can still install Disney Movies Anywhere on their tablets and on set-top boxes like Apple TV and Android TV. You can download Disney Movies Anywhere on 16 devices a year, though only 8 can be active at a time. You can even set Parental Settings on each device separately so that your little ones don't get into any PG-13 Disney/Marvel/Star Wars films you don't want them watching.

Digital copies on the Disney Movies Anywhere app include most of the special features are included that came with your DVD/Blu-ray, if not all. For instance, the animated Beauty and the Beast came with five versions of the film: from the extended edition to the sing-along to the audio commentary to a special work-in-progress version. Unfortunately, while the movies themselves are downloadable, the special features are not, so you'll want to watch those on Wi-Fi.

Now that's a digital copy worth buying the Blu-ray combo pack for.

Speaking of buying, Disney Movies Anywhere also means that it pays to see what more digital video services are putting on sale, not just yours. If Cars is on sale through Google Play Movies but not iTunes, Disney Movies Anywhere means you can buy it in the cheaper store and get it both places. It also means that when physical Disney Blu-ray+DVD+Digital combo packs go on sale, you should absolutely take advantage of them to get your digital copy and let your whole family enjoy that Disney magic, well… anywhere!