Update: This deal has expired.

You know what you're missing in your life? A 34-inch curved (Curved. Monitors.) gaming monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate. Well, hey, lucky for you this LG 34UC79G-B gaming monitor is down to $499.99 on Amazon. Normally it sells at $600 or more, and while it has seen a drop or two down to $540 it has never gone as low as this deal price.

Real gamers know that there's more to serious gaming than pixel resolution. You need high contrast, low latency, motion tracking, and a strong refresh rate. This monitor has all that along with 2560x1080 pixel resolution. AMD's FreeSync technology eliminates tears and ghost trails, too.

Plus with a curved screen, you will get pulled into the action. Reality fades away and all there is is the game. Tom's Hardware reviewed this monitor and said, "there's nothing quite like the feel of gaming on an ultra-wide curved monitor. Whether the radius is small or large, the curve helps the room fall away and greatly expands the suspension of disbelief. That the 34UC79G adds such high performance in all areas just makes it even more attractive." They added it has the highest contrast of any IPS screen they tested.

Serious gamers need a serious audio, too. Use your savings from this deal to get this deal on the LucidSound LS30 gaming headset, one of the best wireless headsets around.

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