The UBeesize 10-inch selfie ring light with tripod stand is down to $36.54 on Amazon. The deal is part of Amazon's daily deals, and there is another option that's a beat cheaper but comes with less stuff on sale for $33.98. These prices will both disappear at the end of the day. The ring lights normally sell for $50 or more with the former having jumped as high as $75 recently. They have been going for that price since February, so today's drop is a great bargain price.

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UBeesize 10-inch selfie ring light with tripod stand

Comes with the 10-inch Ring Light with 3 lighting colors and 11 levels of brightness, a tripod stand that extends between 16 and 50 inches, a 3-way pan head for tilting and swiveling, a Bluetooth remote, and a 3-year replacement service.

$36.54 $50 $13 off

The UBeesize ring light has three different light colors: warm, cool white, and daylight. It also has eleven adjustable levels of brightness. That means you can have 33 different options for lighting so you always get the exact perfect setting.

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It also comes with a tripod stand that can extend from anywhere between 16 and 50 inches. That makes it small enough to sit on a desktop or table and large enough to reach your eye level when standing. The 3-way pan head incldues a handle so it's easy to tilt and swivel and find the perfect angle. You can switch from portrait mode to landscape mode. Adjust the ring light to your target and find any angle.

Plus the ring light itself is designed to be big enough that it can hold your smartphone right in the middle of it. You don't have to place the phone outside the ring.

You can use ring lights for a variety of things. I mean, just in general they make powerful lights so you can use it for illuminating a dark area at night. Really what you're getting a ring light for is content creation. It's one of the simplest ways to light yourself up when making a video or taking a photograph. If you do makeup videos on YouTube or play video games on Twitch or put together a video podcast once in a while, this ring light will improve how you look on the screen.

The kit comes with a Bluetooth remote so you can activate it from a distance, and UBeesize promises a 3-year replacement service for all the parts.

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