Update: This sale has expired.

Linksys has the EA8500 MU-MIMO AC2600 Wi-Fi router for $54.99 refurbished. This price is $5 better than previous refurb deals on this router, and it's the best price currently with Walmart offering the next best at $90.

New versions of this router go for as much as $161 on Amazon.

The EA8500 released in 2015 and was one of the first routers to incorporate Qualcomm's MU-MIMO technology. While the router is not great in certain ways (weak 2.4GHz signal), that tech lets it do one thing very well. If you live in a household that has tons of different devices trying to use the same Wi-Fi signal (a family with multiple iPads, PlayStations, and laptops, for example), you're going to find the EA8500 provides a tremendously smooth ride. Whereas all that noise might result in regular interruptions on a lesser router, this one's 5GHz signal is incredibly strong and designed to handle the extra traffic.

Linksys offers a 90-day warranty for refurbished items.

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